Hit and Miss Track Record of Franchises That Added Multiplayer's Jonathan Posch looks at some of the single player franchises that have added multiplayer after their first or second iterations. Which did the deed fine? Which ones sunk the ship? Not all of them succeeded.

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acemonkey2338d ago

dead space 2 MP was a miss really was saints row 2 that one MP mode lol...Bioshock 2 was meh

JonathanPosch2338d ago

Yeah, I totally didn't miss the multiplayer in Saints Row: The Third. They probably spent that money on hiring Burt Reynolds... Money well spent if you ask me.

Kaos_Vll2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

sad part about DS2 was that it should have been a co-op horde mode with all the creatures including the bosses, but instead they went with a terrible unbalanced verses mode...

ThichQuangDuck2338d ago

How can you not list one of the biggest multiplayers that no one thought would be possible, that being Splinter Cell Pandora tomorrow which lead to the masterpiece of multiplayer that was Chaos Theory. Little known fact they originally did not plan to do multiplayer for gears of war until they experimented with the idea. Whenever most gamers here multiplayer added to a primarily single player game they immediately say it was tacked on to avoid used game sales and raise sales, but sometimes if they are truly unique concepts they can stand on their own.

JonathanPosch2338d ago

I agree 100%, I had an insane amount of fun playing Chaos Theory and Pandora Tomorrow, there wasn't and still isn't anything else out there like it. I didn't mention them mainly because I wanted to focus on this current generation, as more and more developers have been jumping on the multiplayer bandwagon then ever before. I thought adding multiplayer to Splinter Cell made perfect sense back then though, as I was already deeply enjoying other Tom Clancy games online (Rainbow Six 3, and Ghost Recon... Good times.)

ThichQuangDuck2338d ago

Thank you for responding, definitely not was expecting the writer to reply to my comment. Much respect for that to be honest I skimmed through the article hoping to see Splinter Cell then went back and reread the article. I enjoy reading gamers who are not major corporations giving their opinions on the gaming industry because it is a different perspective and hope you continue to write great articles

TheModernKamikaze2338d ago

Depends if they're really made it work