Nintendo dates E3 2012 press conference

Nintendo has just sent out word about their E3 2012 presentation.

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NYC_Gamer2420d ago

I'm most hyped for the Nintendo conference since the Wii-U will finally be revealed

MakiManPR2420d ago

And a lot of rumors around it too. Also a can't wait to see its games(First Party mostly)

Khordchange2420d ago

and now, we mus play.... the waiting game O.O

jaymart2k2420d ago

Of course, I'm at work at the time. Hope I can watch the replay without spoilers.

Wow, that gonna be hard tho since all sites will have everything plastered over on there main page.

Direct link would be nice.

Shnazzyone2419d ago

June 5th feels so far away :(