5 Features I Miss About Last Gen Gaming

GR's Daniel Hill writes:

Nostalgia is one of those things that you just can't beat. It always seems to be indubitably correct, missing all of the negatives in the process. However, there are times where it is hard to deny that things weren't just a little bit better in the past, a sign of changing times that we may not all agree with. Hopping on to that train of thought, I present five things about gaming that aren't around much anymore, or have disappeared altogether.

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Majin-vegeta2414d ago

Agree with everything damn DLC is a scam.

Amazingmrbrock2414d ago

I would like to add, proper save game functionality.

Most games seem to make having multiple simultaneous game throughs a real hassle.

Relientk772414d ago

100% agree,

DLC is complete BS

When you buy a game, it should be complete, DLC should not even be an issue

marioPSUC2414d ago

well it depends, not all DLC is crap. Rockstar and Bethesda seem to do a pretty great job with their add-on DLC like the 2 GTA IV expansions and all of Fallout 3 and New vegas DLC.

But there is plenty of crap DLC like paying for characters that are already on the disc *cough*capcom*cough*

Relientk772414d ago

Yea I understand marioPSUc, I guess it all comes down to money lol. If u pay $60 for a game then $10, or 15 more for DLC, it just adds up is all lol. I was basically saying it would be nice to pay the price when you get the game and that's it, not keep spending more $$$ lol for more of the game

DasTier2414d ago

But this isn't a new phenomenon, just the way its distributed is new. Last gen we had lots of expansion pack discs.

- Halo 2 map pack,
- COD: United Offensive
- Medal of Honor had a couple
- Battlefield 1942 Road to Rome & Secret Weapons of ww2
- Battlefield 2 had around 3

I don't have a problem with DLC if its done correctly (Shivering isles), but if its to access content already on the disc, that's not right.

Ravenor2414d ago


There is no real issue with DLC as ujean69 pointed out we've had DLC for awhile, just in a different form. The problem with DLC is how it's approached. Do you use it to bring legitimately game expanding content? Or do you use it to nickel and dime players while doling out small upgrades for $1-$2 that should be unlockable.

I think the most abhorrent DLC, even worse then on disk DLC. Is the micro transaction piecemeal player improvements. At least it's a problem that only seems to afflict EA games.

snipes1012413d ago

When I wrote it I was thinking more along the lines of how things that used to be unlockable in the game are being charged for.

Things like multiplayer skins, weapon packs, and extra levels used to be things that were unlocked through game play (think the "Mr. Blonde's Revenge" level from Perfect Dark) are now becoming things we have to pay for.

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aDDicteD2414d ago

yup i hate dlc, specially if it's from capcom

Relientk772414d ago

Local Multiplayer, Getting together with a group of friends and playing a game and killing each other. Good memories. Or not killing each other if its like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing I guess lol

DeadIIIRed2414d ago

Right? My brother and all of our friends used to have LAN parties which are crap now trying to play each other at the same time on the same internet connection.

stevenhiggster2413d ago

Me and a few friends get together on the last Sunday of every month for a gaming night. The past few we've been playing Worms it's a barrel of lols I tell thee.

I recommend everyone have at least one night a month where instead of playing online you actually get together in a room with your friends and play some local multiplayer :)

LoaMcLoa2414d ago

I sooo want a Timesplitters 4 :O I know that Free Radical (Crytek UK) aren't as good as they used to be, but I just want it to be released!

Tired of all military-shooters!

Relientk772413d ago

Timesplitters 4 would be amazing, and YES I want it!

marioPSUC2414d ago

I really miss all the cheats and unlockables for games nowadays. the GTA games were so much fun to just mess around with cheats like rioting people, giving everyone weapons and all that but now barely any games have cheat codes.

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