Editorial - Gamerscores are making developers, and gamers, lazy

Gameplayer writer Narayan Pattison has examined the way that Achievement points are handed out in most Xbox 360 games, suggesting that the concept of the Gamerscore is bad for gaming in its current form.

"If the simple act of clocking up hours with a controller in your hand is worth bragging about then we've reached a new low in celebrating mediocrity."

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Marceles3966d ago (Edited 3966d ago )

I think achievements are both good and bad. Most gamers would beat the game on normal or easy and call it a day. Achievements usually challenge some gamers to play on hard, or do things they wouldn't normally do since they actually feel rewarded for doing it instead of a Capcom "thank you for playing" reward. But there are some really stupid achievements as well...achievements also make gamers buy the worst games ever, but hey it's cant really hate on that.

BrianC62343966d ago

I agree with this guy. I could care less about the points in a game. I like how Ratchet & Clank Future did it though. In that game you get skill points. They don't get you anything really but if you get them all you get 100% in the game. I want them just to make me play the game more. But it should be a great game first. Then have you do things to get the points. I guess a lot of developers are using it as a way to get gamers to play their boring games. No thanks on that.

Marceles3966d ago

I also like how Uncharted did their achievements with gun unlocks, uniform changes, visual effects, etc.

mintaro3966d ago

achievements are good and all, but then came the achievement whores......

Marceles3966d ago

Seriously...whoever has Open Season on their gamertag should be ashamed of themselves

m91058263966d ago

I've been saying this since they first announced achievements. All they do is turn gaming into a 'bigger d!ck' contest, and any idiot who wants the most point will buy any crappy game that makes it easy to get them (e.g. TMNT). Now, if you could spend them on things in the marketplace, that would be completely different, but until then they're just meaningless points. I don't need to be told when I accomplish something in a game. I like that in some games you actually unlock some content along with the points, but if it's just point for the sake of having points, you may as well go play Galaga at the local bar.

power of Green 3966d ago

Stupid post doesn't matter one way or the other. Score's in games have always been good and bad.