Will PlayStation All-Stars be a true Smash Bros. rival?

In a round table, the GameZone staff debates if Nintendo should fear the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale competition?

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NYC_Gamer2358d ago

Nintendo shouldn't fear since Wii-U owners will buy SB regardless

dedicatedtogamers2357d ago

unfortunately, I think PS All Stars will turn out a bit like the latest Twisted Metal: the fans get super-excited, the game looks great, it launches, and then no one buys it.

Abash2357d ago

Twisted Metal is a revival of a series that hadnt gotten a true console release since 2001. Twisted Metal PS3 wasnt even a big budget game so Im sure it is selling at a rate that was needed for it to be a success

PlayStation All-Stars though is a game that has tons of fanbases eyeing it because of all the PlayStation mascots it has. Think of the millions of fans that bought the Uncharted games and the God of War games. With Kratos and Nathan Drake alone it should be a multi-million seller

showtimefolks2357d ago

also twisted metal i feel like is only for TM true fans its controls are hard t get use to by new gamers. But lifetime sales will make it good.

All-star can't or shouldn't launch in fall it needs to launch in early 2013 to give it better hope of selling well.

be honest with you i am interested but may not get it till january because i have other games like farcry 3,borderlands 2 etc,,,,

sly 4 and all-star could do a lot better sales wise if they both launch in q1 2013 because fall will kill the sales

Amazingmrbrock2357d ago

if it ends up being fun to play it'll do well. The impressions I've read are positive so far.

Unless the bork the gameplay I don't see how this can go wrong.

Outside_ofthe_Box2357d ago

The demo turned people off imo. I was never going to shell out $60 for TM anyway, but I did enjoy it when I was a kid so I tried the demo to see how it was, I was like a lot people aren't going to like this game... except for the fans, but the thing is like Abash brought up TM hasn't had a true console release in ages. So some would be fans have probably grown out it due not having played a true TM game in a long time.

I don't think TM even needs to sell that much to be profitable any seeing how it doesn't look like a big budget game. But of course people keep using this and Resistance as proof that PS3 games don't sell...

PSA Battle Royale will be different. I personally plan on buying this game day one unless something seriously turns me off from the game. Also, not only are PS3 players looking forward to this, but some SSB fans have an eye on it as well. It could end up being more successful than we think.

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Outside_ofthe_Box2357d ago

Some will buy both. Like me. :)

LOGICWINS2358d ago

"Will PlayStation All-Stars be a true Smash Bros. rival?"

They aren't rivals because they aren't competing. One's meant for the PS audience...the other is meant for the Nintendo audience.

Acquiescence2357d ago

That's the first sensible thing I've seen you write in weeks! Have an 'Agree'. :D

dark-hollow2358d ago

No, both are exclusive to their own consoles so there is no competition.

NastyLeftHook02358d ago

i love smash bros and im going to love all star, very simple.

Relientk772357d ago

I love all 3 Smash Bros. games, my friends and I have a blast playing them. I will definitely buy PS All-Stars also, it looks great and it will be a change of pace, new characters, levels, mechanics, etc. I am very excitied for this game

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