Wii U price set at $350 by Walmart

Walmart has set the price of the WIi U to $350 for its customers.

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Relientk771969d ago

Really? I thought it would be $300, I wonder if the Wii U will actually be $350

guitarded771969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

Who knows... if it's higher, WalMart will just cancel any pre-orders. If it's lower, they'll send an e-mail about how you "save money and live better" :)

I'm gonna pre-order 2 from amazon... 1 for me and 1 for eBay. I figure it will be in extremely short supply so hopefully they will be going for unheard of prices on eBay and the second system will pay for mine as well.

-Superman-1969d ago

Well its same powerful than PS3, but its without Blu-Ray.
Next gen PS4 and Xbox 720 is coming out next year and im sure with big grahpic lead. I just not buying Wii U, when i have already PS3 and Xbox 360. Wii U is only for those good, who dosent have any consoles, but wants to play some Wii games and some multiplatform games but nothing else. Facts!

slaton241969d ago

wheres ur proof of next gen consoles coming out next year...dont just assume

WeskerChildReborned1969d ago

Who said next gen is coming out next year? Their is only rumors about it being released in holiday 2013 but it could be 2014 or even 2015. Sony want's to have the PS3 live for 10 years so it can be 2016 as well.

GamingPerson1969d ago

lol you take all these rumors as fact..

720 will have 16 cores & ps4 will be slightly more powerful is a another rumor.

ChickeyCantor1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

"Well its same powerful than PS3, but its without Blu-Ray. "

[Well it's as powerful as the PS3]*

And no.

yabhero1969d ago

Your first mistake was thinking it was as powerful as 7 year old tech...

krazykombatant1969d ago

I think the krypppppptttonnnite has messed with your head. How about you fly around the earth and stop yourself from posting such a ridiculous comment?

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LOGICWINS1969d ago

$350 is pushing it....but I guess thats Nintendo's strategy. Get the hardcore fanboys to pay the premium..then drop the price to $299 just when the 720/PS4 launch at $399 or more.

Outside_ofthe_Box1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

$350 is what I expected if the PS3 and 360 don't have a price cut at E3. If they do get a price cut at E3 I expect Nintendo to announce the price sometime after E3 to be $300.

LOL_WUT1969d ago

Yeah $350 plus tax and maybe some warranty that adds up. Nintendo really needs to show what the Wii U has to offer at E3 because so far it don't look so good.

-Alpha1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )

I am pretty sure if it's at $350 and if Wii U releases before MS and Sony, they will sell with ease, and when the need comes to be competitive, they will cut prices, much like they cut 3DS' price in time to compete with VITA

Outside_ofthe_Box1969d ago (Edited 1969d ago )


If the nextbox and PS4 come out next year, early adopters of the Wii U will get pissed if they cut the price a couple of months before they come out...

But it does seem plausible that Nintendo may take the 3DS approach.

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NYC_Gamer1969d ago

I can't wait to learn the specs @E3

richierich1969d ago

Nintendo have no confirmed price for the Wii U

-Superman-1969d ago

Did you even read? Walmart always has been priced things before confrimed things and always were right. 2006 they said price is 250, 6 month later Nintendo confirmed it too. I seen manay stuff in Walmart before and always were right.

Sgt_Slaughter1969d ago

Yeah coming from the guy who believes every rumor around...

TrendyGamers1969d ago

I still expect a $300 price tag.

Summons751969d ago

yeah, 300 would be perfect but 350 would still be fair considering what they are promising.

DNAbro1969d ago

hopefully it will come bundled with a game, then it's perfectly resonable

Summons751969d ago

well considering the wii did, even though it was only wii sports for most of the time and now New super mario bros....I think it makes sense they will at least give something with it

SovereignSnaKe1969d ago

Huh, I was really expecting $299... Give em 6 months (3DS).. Ahhh I kid Nintendo!, I love my 3DS! ^_^

--Onilink--1969d ago

well, this is hardly any confirmation at all, but this is the price im expecting. Maybe even $400 if the specs are even higher, but i doubt Nintendo would release a console with such a big price tag

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