All Starhawk Beta Players Will Receive Free Gifts

After years of hard work on Starhawk I am wicked excited to finally announce that Starhawk has gone gold and will be on store shelves in North America on May 8th! GOOOOOAAAAALLLL….D!

Starhawk is not your normal off-the-shelf shooter. We’ve certainly taken some chances with this game, but it’s gonna be worth it: The Build & Battle system alters the traditional shooter recipe in such a way that when you play other shooters you may find yourself frustrated that you can’t build bunkers, walls, outposts, and all the other stuff that Starhawk lets you build. So if you’re a shooter fan looking for a change of pace, definitely pick up Starhawk!

Nothing ever comes easy though, and integrating Build & Battle certainly took a bunch of iteration and refinement both internally during production here at LightBox Interactive and also during our private and public betas. You guys were really great beta testers, so as a “thank you” for your participation we’re giving you two exclusive items.

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Lindenn2417d ago

Hell yes! I loved Warhawk and Starhawk is gonne be insanely Awesome!

ChunkyLover532417d ago

Cha, ching! Looks like I get me a little something something. The beta was pretty slick, excited to get the game, less than a week away!

Regent_of_the_Mask2417d ago

Meh, Starhawk is garbage. I'll stick to the superior Warhawk. I hope they work on Warhawk 2 next instead of another lame "spiritual successor" that isn't even half as good as Warhawk.

LiViNgLeGaCY2417d ago

*Shrugs* That's your opinion really. We all have our own.

I personally think this improves upon Warhawk in almost every way.

Hicken2417d ago

Meh, Regent_of_the_Mask is garbage.

Really, though. You suck at trolling. Starhawk is a great successor to Warhawk. Since you've played neither, your opinion is worth less than the sperm that don't make it into the egg.

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The story is too old to be commented.