Examiner: Is Sony facing an identity crisis?

Examiner writes: Sony has finally unveiled its Smash Bros themed game that has been rumored for months. The game is now called PlayStation Battle All-Stars Royale. This new title is completely unnecessary, and Sony should have not put the game into production. While the game might turn out to be fun, the consumers of Baltimore should question Sony as to why it is blatantly ripping off Nintendo.

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Snookies122272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Uhhh, what's not a rip-off these days? Besides, it's not a rip-off if it's as good, or better than the original. That's just progression lol. We'll have to wait and see though.

Abash2272d ago

Yup, giving your fans what they asked for is

There's proof that Sony made this out of fans wanting it, they arent trying to copy Nintendo

Cloudberry2272d ago

They got what they wanted.

Arnon2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Unless the game only took two years to make, which I doubt, that petition did not create PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


Why the disagrees? Sure, Sony is putting the game out, but that petition was created March 17th, 2010. Unless PSASBR (lol at that..) is running on a previously used engine, it probably didn't take just 2 years. Too much has been shown to believe that this game is not a finished product.

BitbyDeath2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

@Arnon, 2 years is pretty much the standard for games to be developed on a new engine so that's probably why you're getting disagrees.

Anyway why do people think Sony had come up with the idea when it was most likely the devs?

Arnon2272d ago

Games in general take about 2 years to develop, yes. However, building an engine from the ground up (which is what I assume they're doing), would put another 1-2 years onto development time.

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dedicatedtogamers2272d ago

I always thought Sony's identity was "let's launch a large number of exclusive games across a wide variety of genres". Are they doing that? Heck yeah.

If anyone is having an identity crisis, it would be Microsoft and Nintendo. Sony is the only console manufacturer this gen that has stuck to their original aim.

Gamer30002272d ago

you have alot of bubbles
and i only got one
but i really wish i had more
to give you one of them

Majin-vegeta2272d ago

More crying i see??*Sigh*

NastyLeftHook02272d ago

no, i see sony as the artists in the gaming industry...


heavy rain
demons souls

its obvious all stars is inspired greatly by smash bros, that's true. but i never articles calling all fps games copy's of the original wolfenstein.

or forza trying to copy gran turismo

or halo copying tribes ect ect.

or create copying littlebigplanet.

ElementX2272d ago

Those games you mentioned weren't created by Sony. Calling Sony "artists" and using examples of externally developed titles shows ignorance. At least give examples of titles Sony developed in-house.

smashcrashbash2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Yeah. One or two games that are similar to someone else, one not even being an original idea at all and they are having an identity crisis. Forget Journey, Heavy Rain, Flower, Starhawk, Last Guardian, GOW Demons Soul, LBP or anything. I even saw some @$$ trying to compare Twisted Metal to Mario Kart.

But as per usual call in the marines when ever Sony does something. And when they try to be creative and ambitious like with GOW or Starhawk SP and all they get is scrutiny. Don't 'copy' anyone else but don't try to do anything else either

@ ElementX. What does it matter? They are still Sony's games made for them. People give Microsoft all the credit for their games and most of them don't belong to them.

ElementX2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Who is an artist? Somebody who forks over money for something to be created, or the person who actually puts in all the sweat and hard work to make it?

As for MS, I don't see them getting credit for games they didn't develop. Have any links to prove that statement? In fact, I can't recall any games MS paid the development costs for. Sure they hand out some money for exclusive content and timed exclusives, but they don't receive kudos for anything. I know Sony has their pub fund thing to pay indie developers' costs.

Arnon2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

"What does it matter? They are still Sony's games made for them."

That's an awful mindset. I give no credit to Microsoft games made by indie/others specifically for MS, aside from Microsoft being smart to publish it. However, that doesn't make Microsoft "artful" just because it's a game made for them. The same should be said for Sony.

user54670072272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Jeez why turn everything Sony does into a negative

People asked for a Super Smash Bros type game for the PS3

Sony acted on this

What does that tell tells us that Sony actually are listening to it's fanbase.

What should come next is praise, that a company is still caring even though they could go, for example, Microsofts route and ignore them...instead of praise they get called copycats and that they are facing an identity crises.........COME ON

You know when people go "Oh people just make it out that Sony are the victim all the time"....can you blame people for thinking that after this sort of thing happens to them.

By the way

Super Smash Bros took inspiration from The Outfoxies

StrongMan2272d ago

So ONE game inspired by Smash Bros. and "Sony is facing an identity crisis"? Really? Never mind upcoming new IPs like The Last Guardian and The Last of Us six years into the console cycle while the competition has dried up with new IPs several years ago. Sony is the only company backing new IPs now and this is the thanks they get?

CaptainSheep2272d ago

Exactly! INSPIRED! There's a difference between ripping off and being inspired! I so agree with you.

smashcrashbash2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Exactly. And this is made even worse that the SSB concept wasn't even an original concept to begin with. Nintendo just added in their own characters to something that was already done.

@ MrDead. Yeah it usually is just mildly irritating but now it really getting on my nerves

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