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What about PS3 or PC? WTF Bethesda, first you give PS3 owners a broken game, now this. I hope the amount of money Microsoft payed was worth your reputation.

KingOfArcadia1761d ago

Seems to me this isn't anything new - weren't the Fallout 3/New Vegas DLCs also dropped on Xbox first? Also the PC crew have mods to play around with, so they won't feel the pain as much as the PS3 crowd.

Biggest1761d ago

I'm more sad about the "More details at E3" part. Hopefully it's Bethesda giving the details at their own press event. Lord knows the 360 crowd won't be too keen about time wasted on multi-platform Skyrim DLC.

da_2pacalypse1761d ago

Bethesda announced that the DLC's were going to be timed exclusives for the xbox 360 before the game was even released. I'm not sure what the confusion here is... besides, Skyrim for the PS3 is basically fixed now

thorstein1761d ago

There is so much crud on the internet and none of it reliable. One site actually claims the DLC is exclusive to X360.

We know that it is coming to PS3 and PC also. Maybe not the same time but it is still coming. Calm down. There are plenty of great games coming out this summer.

Drake1171760d ago

Any body want to actually talk and speculate on what the dlc might be about instead of sit here and b!tch and moan about it coming out early for one system? I for one am pretty excited for this, almost positive it will be about vampires some how. Look at his eyes those are totally ES vampire eyes. And DawnGuard Totally sounds like vampire hunters or something.

RedDragan1760d ago

This will be almost as good as the mods we already have on PS3 and PC.

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TheXgamerLive1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

AHhhhhhh hahaha dude, sorry your wrong, and umm did you really just post an article from august 2011?

I hope everyone gets it, but i think this is xbox only, made to play on kinect as well. We'll have to wait and see though.

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user54670071761d ago

I have to admit I do feel for the PS3 and PC crowd

As KingOfArcadia has said the PC audience has mods so it won't be that bad, we have to play Skyrim without enjoying the wonderful mods so they have those to keep them occupied.

May I just point out that as much as I like Bethesda and their games, I find it funny people can call them out on their mistakes...which are true, I mean the bugs on the PS3 were ridiculous, well their bugs in general are but were the ones who gave them "Studio of the Year" at the VGAs over NaughtyDog or Valve who actually crafted some flawless in quality games...hell Skyrim even got "GOTY". I like them both but it goes against what the two awards were about

Point is that it's a perfect example of how hype works. Remember this folks for Fallout 4, since it will probably use the same engine. As for the PS3 owners who will probably hear the same "It will be the same for both consoles" speech...just don't buy into this time.

vickers5001760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

The difference though, is that Portal 2 and Uncharted 3 are linear games, and are far more primitive than Skyrim.

You can't really take a linear shooter and compare it with an open world rpg. Unless developers have been lying to us all this time, open world games, ESPECIALLY when it comes to RPGS with as much content as skyrim has, are a LOT harder to program for. You're going to get a lot more bugs the more complex your game becomes, so it becomes impossible to make it "flawless".

Then there's also the fact that not everyone encountered the same glitches. I played the game a lot, my save file got up to like 13 or 14mb (11mb being the common point in which people said their game froze) and I never encountered any slowdown or game breaking glitches.

I'm not saying Skyrim was the definite and obvious choice of that year, but SOME of the game of the year awards it won were definitely earned/warranted.

Nathaniel_Drake1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

You don't have to feel bad for PS3 owners. Sony's just announced 2 new games, one new IP and a AAA PS3 game.

ShinMaster1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I find a game like Skyrim with practically no story and dead characters to be a lot more "primitive".

@ Mike Cosgrove

This DLC is coming to PS3 and PC right after anyway.

vickers5001760d ago


Whether or not you THINK Skyrim is more primitive, the fact is, is that Skyrim is WAY more complex in terms of ACTUAL CONTENT than both Uncharted 3 and Portal 2, which are both linear games (not a bad thing at all).

And you're acting like I insulted you or U3/Portal 2. Don't, because I didn't. I simply stated that Skyrim is more complex, and cannot be compared to Uncharted 3 or Portal 2 in terms of stability/bug expectations. I actually like Portal 2 more than Skyrim, but Skyrim definitely did deserve some game of the year awards.

DragonKnight1760d ago

@Vickers: Kingdoms of Amalur says hi. That game was even made by the guy behind 2 Elder Scrolls games and shares a lot in common with them. I haven't experienced any glitches on it at all, no freezing, no quest problems, nothing. So the idea that it's because Skyrim is a complex, open world RPG and that's why it isn't "flawless" is only a partial truth. Some bugs can be expected, but the level of problems in Skyrim is easily attributed to the poor job the coders have done.

There are just too many bugs to say "it's just because it's a huge and complex game." Especially when other games from other devs don't have such problems.

TekoIie1760d ago

If skyrim is an isolated case then why have all previous fallout titles been plagued with (no where as much but still) bugs and glitches???

vickers5001759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )


I can't really comment on the full version of KOA, but the demo I played was one of the buggiest things I've ever played in my life. Conversations pretty much just skipped themselves, there were a ton of sound bugs, some visual bugs.

And just because you didn't experience any bugs doesn't mean there aren't any.My save file in skyrim was 13mb before the patch, and I didn't encounter any framerate issues, or any game breaking bugs that others had claimed started for them at a measly 8mb save, but I know SOME other people did have problems. I bet I could look online and find a ton of complaints about KOA bugs, probably a lot of game breaking ones too.

That's unfortunately the price you have to pay when deciding to play a game as complex as skyrim. You're going to have to deal with the possibility of bugs, even game breaking ones.

ShinMaster1758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

I never acted like you insulted Portal 2 or Uncharted.

But it's like saying, "We can't create proper storytelling or good characters or any sense of urgency or make events feel like they matter, but here's a bunch of more shit(content) to make up for it. Now give us GOTY and Best Story Award please".


vickers5001758d ago (Edited 1758d ago )

"Amount of content or size does not dictate how "primitive" or "complex" a game is."

Actually it does, especially when the game has to be complex in an open world.

"But it's like saying, "We can't create proper storytelling or good characters or any sense of urgency or make events feel like they matter, but here's a bunch of more shit(content) to make up for it. Now give us GOTY and Best Story Award please"."

Yeah, there's a bunch of shit content, but there's still WAY more good content in Skyrim than there is good content in Uncharted 3. Do you honestly believe that Uncharted 3's story was GOOD? If so, I kind of feel sorry for you. Uncharted 3 has a pretty generic action adventure movie story. It's not much better than Skyrims boring story.

Skyrims characters are boring and feel dead. Uncharted 3's characters are so painfully annoying, I just want to punch them in the face most of the times. All they do is spout out generic one liners and cheesy, cliche dialogue.

"Here's our cheesy, rehashed story that we took from several movies and mixed into one generic turd pile, now please give us [Naughty Dog] game of the year awards because of all the pretty graphics and cinematics we were able to produce" lol. While both U3 and Skyrims stories suck, at least Skyrim tries to go with gameplay content and lasting appeal over pretty graphics.

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base00641761d ago

Dude, you should have been aware this was timed 360 exclusive for like well over a year now. No need to act like the exclusive part is news!

This will be incredible and have more value then most $60 games, just watch!

jessupj1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

I'm sure it'll be good, but nothing I haven't seen before.

In the mean time I'll keep playing all the amazing games that are releasing soon...

... then a year from now I'll rent the GOTY edition with all the DLC and Bethesda won't get a cent from me.

It's a real pity because I want to support devs that create quality core titles, but while Bethesda continue to treat us PS3 owners like dirt, I'll keep treating them like second class developers.

And for the idiots that can't comprehend it's the principle I'm getting annoyed at, not the actual time I have to wait for the DLC, don't bother replying

Nathaniel_Drake1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

It's already a 200+ hour game and it's better than bring out a new game every year

hiredhelp1761d ago

Bethesda part of ID now and if anyone watched last years confrence with carmack talks to the people on his life, you would have picked up 2 things from it.
1 he had nothing good to say for ps3 or pc
2 he alot to say about MS and xbox 360
Ok thats 3 things but left a bitter taste in my mouth so whats this to do with bethesda...
Well that same night they showed skyrim being played on xbox 360 thats fine its all good but you see if you think about it for minute youll see where its going.

Anyways many may disagree possibly but look into it yourself think about it.

Igniter1761d ago

You got it backwards. id Software was bought by Bethesda parent company, ZeniMax. Carmack has nothing to say about what is done with Skyrim.

hiredhelp1760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

I never said who bought who buddy,just my feelings about how i felt what i beleave nothing personal.
Skyrim great game just beleave when comes to multiformat no matter what publisher or game every system should be equel when comes to DLC non this exclusive rights crap 1 week before nonsense. Wasting money doing them dlc exclusive deals when could go into first party games or other multiplatform ip's.

Danniel11760d ago

Please check your facts before you start a conspiracy theory.

mewhy321760d ago

It's not John Carmack's fault that Sony basically released a hamstrung internet ready blu ray player and tried to pass it off as a gaming machine.

hiredhelp1760d ago

conspiracy theory, facts..

did you note that i did not even put about who bought who knock knock hello.
clearly stated my thoughts on what i beleave is going on behind closed doors without spelling it out.

no conspiracy theory no Facts to get right
used up all my bubbles so please pm me if you need to take this sillyness further

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TBM1761d ago

meh doesnt bother me there's more than enough quests in the main game to hold me over for the ps3 version. plus im not sure if i wanna get the dlc to suck me in more when i have other games to play.

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thorstein1761d ago

It is for all platforms. The person submitting it just left it out on purpose.

Muffins12231761d ago

It will come months later,you know they had a exclusive deal with Microsoft,your vault for buying the game on the wrong console for it....

adorie1761d ago

shame he got it on console, period. >;)

Consoldtobots1760d ago

this is all it's really about at the end of the day isn't it. MS punishing consumers for not buying their console.

Most would say that is petty and vindictive, I just say that is....MS.

adorie1761d ago

Hoho-Who cares?? As below said, we have mods AND textures, lighting that can make Skyrim look "next generation"

Besides, PS3/PC should arrive at the same time. Right?
If anything I feel for PS3 owners who only play this on PS3.

mt1760d ago

Bethesda every game I bought from you I bought new, it means I paid $60 for it, but from this day on, I shall not buy them new at all or never buy them at that matter.


your ex fan.

P.S. I own PS3

opinska1760d ago

chill the fu#k up... you know this DLC will hit the Pc/ps3 later on, M$ is dumb enough to throw their $$ for part time exclusives... still PC/PS3 DLC WILL come...

otherZinc1760d ago

No, sales actually do matter. 360 owners bought Skyrim in large numbers & they'll buy the dlc in large numbers.

Also, I like the fact that Skyrim is the largest game this gen on consoles & IS ON "0NE" DISC!

They showed you can make an awesome "GAME" without set pieces & videos cluttering up a playing disc.

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KingOfArcadia1761d ago

Ugh, by the time this comes out, I'm sure I'll have moved on. Reminds me of how long it took for the Fallout: New Vegas DLC to drop. I think the sweetspot for the release date would have been somewhere in February/March - pushing it off until summer is far too late.

LAWSON721761d ago

For you maybe, me I have been playing skyrim alot I am quite the addict I have over 230 hrs and on my best account I have over 300,000 gold and can't stop trying to get more. Also I am pretty sure the PC crowd is having a blast with mods.

Lucreto1761d ago

I still need to platinum Skyrim so once the expansion is released on the 360 I know I have a month to finish the game before the PS3 release.

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