1UP: The graphics of the Mortal Kombat Vita port bloody stink

1UP writes: When NetherRealm announced that they were porting their new Mortal Kombat to the Vita, with all of the content of the console versions, I was very excited. I was expecting something amazing, and at least on par with Capcom's impressive Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 port. Now that I have the game, this is most certainly not the case. Leading up to the release of the Vita version I'd heard some distressing rumbles about the graphics of this port. People carefully dissecting trailers, or talking about first hand accounts were mentioning that the game didn't look too hot. I had hoped that if true this was all talk about work in progress builds, and issues that could be ironed out. Things would not work out as I hoped.

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Homer14212422d ago

Off screen, actually playing it will result in everybody realising how terrible the visuals are Street Fighter X Tekken and Marvel VS Capcom loook fantastic and all also run at 60FPS

Winter47th2422d ago

I can't believe how horrible this looks like! I was actually looks this.

icecoldfire2419d ago

maybe an upcoming update will fix this terribly crappy character model textures and hopefully and the EXCLUSIVE costumes for the vita comes to the consoles

icecoldfire2419d ago

Vita has 512mb RAM and considering the hardware of the Vita, it will obviously look like this.

RedDead2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

Very lazy port

Due to the Vita's hardware, there was always going to be a quality drop, but due to the screen size, that quality drop should be minimal at the worst. This is just dreadful porting, you could mistake uncharted for it's console versions if you didn't look closely enough. This is like...a DS game in comparison

mushroomwig2422d ago

Wow, that incredibly shameful.

jronj2422d ago

It seems to be the consensus that the graphics are not up to vita's potential but it's still getting great reviews. My copy is in the mail so I won't know till tomorrow :(

Jio2422d ago

60FPS with okay graphics, or 30FPS with great graphics? I'm fine with either, but the 60FPS is nice.

--Onilink--2422d ago

the thing is, the vita can do 60fps with great graphics, and those are not even OK graphics when we know what the vita can do, and its not especially a game that should put much stress on the system

Baka-akaB2422d ago (Edited 2422d ago )

I've yet to see how there was a need to downgrade it so much actually . Regardless of non related issues people got with UMvC3 , it looks like a near mint port of the ps3/360 game at 60 fps , mostly the background suffered in the vita version .

What with pointing out 60 fps anyway ? We dont have under 60 fps fighting games ( except ssf4 on 3ds WITH 3d activated , and it was a launch title)

The game is still great for those that care , but you guys are too quick to defend it , just because it's Mortal Kombat . Anything else pulling that would usually get crucified here

Jio2422d ago

I guess it's just the unreal engine 3

chasegarcia2422d ago

I agree with 1up. I played the game @pax.

evercast2422d ago

Been playing it this morning. The game is sadly pretty bad looking for a vita game, but the gameplay and having so much content makes it up for me. 2 challenge towers, story, arcade, and infrastructure and ad hoc multiplayer. The extra DLC character and skins are just a plus too. Hopefully the graphics don't hold people back from buying this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.