EDGE- Sniper Elite V2 Review

EDGE- So while Rebellion successfully executes its one, gruesome technical trick throughout the course of Sniper Elite V2, it fails to capitalise on its best game loop: that of you and a rival sniper exchanging shots across vast chunks of beautifully rendered locales in a crumbling Berlin.

A player vs player multiplayer option would have been the obvious opportunity to emphasise and focus on this strength (tailored co-op modes are offered instead), and its omission stands out even more when there’s so little in the way of replay value to the campaign. Occasionally gripping but frequently unfulfilling, Sniper Elite V2 comes in at a heavy price for a package that’s all gore and little reward.

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AtomicGerbil2418d ago

I'm not convinced the reviewer played for more than 20 minutes. As for a deathmatch mode, not every game needs it.

d0nT wOrrY2418d ago

Edge is full of douchbags.
:nothing to do here:

FinaLXiii2418d ago

Dudes this isnt DNF wtf

LiamIRL822418d ago

Edge is a long outdated rag. I stopped reading it when they gave Final Fantasy X a 6, that was about 10 years ago.