The 'Gross' Craft of Building God of War

Art director Chris Sutton talks to Gamasutra about how photo reference of cadavers is as essential to building God of War: Ascension as close collaboration with the game's design team.

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ForeverGamer2392d ago

SM are so awesome
the gfx in this game is incredible and that's only the MP
imagine the SP gfx
that monster look so real too
and i felt sorry for him
he was so scared
when the spartan was about to stick his spear in his eye

sinncross2392d ago

I think its a fine line to walk... I personally hope the dont keep going tooo overboard.
The ultra violence makes GoW but sometimes, enough is enough.

Still cant wait to play this, one of my fav series!

ForeverGamer2392d ago

one of the many reasons why i love god of war games is The ultra violence
Kratos will be (once again) one bad********