$66.5 Million for Prototype 2 DLC

Possibly a glitch but would you buy DLC for 4,294,967,295 MS Points?

"A single MS Point works out to be about $0.02 (CAN). More math. The total cost to grab that content is $66,571,993.00. So either that content will tear a hole in the space-time continuum because it's so awesome or Radical Entertainment wants me to personally fund their next project, which is so not happening!"

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jony_dols1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

Who else but Activision!

Solid_Snake371972d ago

lol this happens way too often with Activision, maybe they hope some billionaire accidentally buys it? Lol

brish1972d ago (Edited 1972d ago )

I already bought it and I don't even have Prototype 2!

I guess all you n4g users don't want to support the industry. Traitors!


Snookies121972d ago

Man, greatest DLC of all time?

Frenza1972d ago

Since when was it allowed to post blogs on N4G?

JJRivers1972d ago

Wondered about that... Thought I'd post and see what happened.

ThatEnglishDude1972d ago

Since always, providing they share news/insightful opinions and views.

JJRivers1972d ago

Duly noted.

But what about stuff from Kotaku, etc? That's blogilicious most of the time.

banana4201972d ago

Hmm... if was EA no one would even question this :P

BlmThug1972d ago

It just means the content is unavailable as of now, the final price of the content is not the one shown above

JJRivers1972d ago

But if you had the dough, is there anything preventing Mr. Moneybags shelling out that cash to get the DLC? Why even show it as a selectable option?

KingOfArcadia1972d ago

It's a placeholder... and even if Mr. Moneybags tried to buy it, they wouldn't get anything other than an error message I would guess. They list the price so high so no one tries to purchase it.

SilentNegotiator1972d ago


I doubt that Microsoft does NOT have a way of putting the data on their systems without posting it publicly. They could easily just do that.

I'm sure it's just an experiment or else just a publicity stunt. Probably both.

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