The Games of 2008: PC

Via Next-Gen:

"If PC gaming is dead, then we are necrophiliacs of the worst sort. Next-Gen concludes its Games of 2008 features with the PC platform…"

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mighty_douche3988d ago

FarCry 2 had me sold since i first saw footage. I just prey to God that its not as demanding as Crysis.

PC gaming is far from dead.

theox2g73988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

"We also note that while some cite stagnant PC retail sales, those numbers don’t take into account the revenues from subscriptions, item buys and full-game digital downloads. That is part of the reason that we won’t be offering three-month sales estimates as we did in our other Games of 2008 features—there are simply too many factors to get a real, accurate grasp on the reach of many of these games because of the changing landscape of distribution."
-Excellent point

Note, i acknowledge that pc gaming has been declining recently and consoles are trying more and more to be like pcs but ppl are only looking at one side of the issue, how can u compare 3 or 4 platforms to just one platform? pc is considered a platform on its own but all the consoles can be bundled together as one and gang up on pc when it comes to these arguments, of course it's only obvious consoles will have more spotlight and sales when there are so many of them versus just one pc platform, and then there's the thing with pc exclusives going to consoles but even now, we should actually be saying that pc gaming has grown and is growing now more than ever, pc is getting so much variety of games these days, so many console exclusives are finding their way to pc, halo? the x number of fps running on unreal engine? stranglehold? devil may cry? assassin's creed? lost planet? gears of war?it's not just a one-sided thing, how many games do u recall back in the day ps1/n64/pc or ps2/xbox/pc as compared to today almost every game is xbox360/ps3/pc and console ports are getting better every day,

Very funny how this article was written years ago but follows the same theme based on last gen consoles:
History is repeating itself once again. New consoles are released, beginning of console cycle, their abilities become impressive and overshadow pcs in innovation and visual fidelity, few groundbreaking pc games are released that push the envelope and surpass console graphics and can only be played on super high end rigs, as years go by, average joe rig can max out such games that surpass consoles, and pcs sales spur and go through the roof even with older games that were formally too demanding, pcs take the spotlight again, new consoles are released and get more pc-like features from the last gen and cycle starts all over again, the same old thing, everybody knows high definition resolution, online play and system updates/downloadable content were all borrowed from pc last gen but are brand new in the console universe, even the last gen pc games are borrowed into the next gen consoles, half life 2? anyone?

from half life 1 to half life 2 to crysis, look at sales patterns, these games don't dissappear or lose hype for pc gamers when newer games come out especially when average hardware hasn't caught up with the game, it's not like consoles where you take an awesome game like resistance and look at its sales today and see an increase from launch week, sales die with hype on consoles, but i bet u crysis sales will increase when the 9 series Geforce cards come out and the 8 ones become a whole lot more affordable, with every new hardware release and price cut, sales will continue cos there are several gamers just waiting patiently to upgrade since they are smart don't want to be spending $$$ upgrading every 6 months like some ignorant ppl think, pc gaming isn't expensive if u're patient, smart and you know what u're doing, look at how many average computers can play half life 2 and the source engine games so well today, compare that to 2004 and compare sales and price tags of hardware, there was a day when 6 series cards cost as much as the 8 ones do today, need i say more,

yea and they said pc gaming is dead cos sales have slowed and everytime i reiterate this point, fanboys come up to me and tell me that distribution, online sales and subscriptions don't matter or they don't count meanwhile more pc gamers are shifting from shelves to online.

MK_Red3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

Fallout 3 will SLAUGHTER in 2008.
Nice find and Pretty awesome line-up for PC. Fallout 3, Spore, StarCraft 2 and FarCry 2 are all I need.
EDIT: dammit, I forgot about Dragon Age. Good call Relcom.

Flying_Squirrel3988d ago

Yes, Dragon Age is looking like it's going to be very good. Can't wait for that one.

fermcr3988d ago

Do you really think that companies like INTEL, MICROSOFT, AMD-ATI, NVIDIA are going to allow the death of PC GAMING. They are dependent of PC GAMING to sell computers and graphic cards.

There are not many games that come out last year on the consoles that I would like in the PC. Untcharted, Super Mario galaxy, Ratchet PS3, Motorstorm, Massive Effect are some examples… there are not many others.

For me the PC had the best line up last year…