How Sony is Dominating Pre-E3 Headlines

Push Square: "There’s little doubt that E3 is the most important date in the gaming calendar. The trade show plays host to the industry’s biggest announcements on an annual basis, and its importance continues to grow with the introduction of live streaming technologies and up-to-the-minute online coverage. But for all its excitement, E3 is also an exhausting, noisy period where every publisher in the industry is simultaneously vying for attention. Yet Sony, to its credit, has found a way to consume the pre-E3 enthusiasm, ensuring its announcements dominate website homepages almost exclusively before the show even begins."

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Akuma-2394d ago (Edited 2394d ago )

I can't remember a time when sony wasn't dominating the pre e3 headline. Sony always have a lot of games to talk about so they often times unveil certain games leading up to e3

asmith23062394d ago

True that, the last few years have all been about Sony.

ChunkyLover532394d ago

I think it all depends on some variables. People in general get excited about their favorites around this time of year. I love E3 because there is usually at least something from each of the big three that I will buy and play.

I think Sony probably has a lot of Vita support this E3, so some of the games and things are getting shown a bit ahead of time. It only makes sense to support the handheld console you are investing so much time and money into. People want to see games and features for the device. Time is an issue at E3, so this is a smart move by Sony to get hype ahead of E3.

I'm excited to see what they have, same with Nintendo and Microsoft.

I think deep down everyone, no matter what horse you have in the race, is looking at Nintendo to see the specs, games and price point of the Wii U.

Game on people!

asmith23062394d ago

I want to see some genuinely good things about the Vita. We need AAA games where you can't differentiate between the Vita and the consoles. Its powerful enough. For example, not a half assed uncharted game, I want the real deal. Im not a COD fan (im not a COD hater either) but I would love to see a fully functional COD game for the Vita this year. I reckon an online fps with no lag and full of features would be a huge step for online handheld gaming. Thats where the bar should be for the Vita. As well as that, they should have cross platform online gameplay between the PS3 and the Vita. Do that and the Vita's sales will rocket.

Other than that, I really don't want a PS4 yet. There is still plenty of life left in the PS3. I think gameplay of the Last of Us will show us that. Really want to see that game in action!!