Valve Re-Using L4D Maps in CS:GO?

Some striking similarities to a Left 4 Dead campaign has been pointed out in CS:GO.

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jashmister2392d ago

Oh god valve made two maps slightly similar without reusing any actual building entirely, this compares EXACTLY too a company reusing layouts, whole buildings and animations at every turn. (Sarcasm by the way...)

sorry guys this is just a slight structural similarity not a full ball reuse, its just saying houses are next to streets which makes perfect sense.

decrypt2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I wouldnt worry about Maps on a CS game lol. I am sure there will be plenty made by the community, in fact those may even be better than whatever Valve comes up with lol.

T9002392d ago

Not everyone has the luxury of gaming on PC. Additional maps may be charged as DLC on consoles.

shayol33t2392d ago


From valve?

DLC charging from VALVE?

T9002392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )


You are right its not from Valve, however MS and Sony may want a cut, Left4Dead had all its DLC charged on the Xbox360, while PC version was completely free.

I dont think things will be any different for CS Go.

SignifiedSix2392d ago

I could care less for the maps. I can't wait for the mods that make the game even better!

I also do mapping lol.

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Megaton2392d ago

Houses? Near each other? Clearly copy/pasted. Shame on you, Valve.

Sarcasm aside, the buildings aren't even the same.

TheModernKamikaze2392d ago

Yeah because houses aren't suppose to be side by side. Sarcasm

chobit_A5HL3Y2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

it's not that it's two houses across from each other... it's the fact that they're pretty much the same in both. the 2 buildings closest to the screen look VERY similar. not a big deal, but still interesting to see XP

edit: oh, wow, even the 2 buildings in the back are really similar >.>

flappersack2392d ago

It's not like they are releasing this as additional DLC so what's the problem? So, it looks similar, it's not like it's a bad layout or anything.

Tachyon_Nova2391d ago

Huh? Surely it is worse to release a copied map in the actual retail release? If you release it as DLC then only the people who want it will pick it up, if its on the full release then everyone gets stuck with recycled content.

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