CVG previews Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Vegas 2 doesn't begin straight after Vegas. In fact, it doesn't begin after Vegas at all. It starts in 2005, a full five years before the events of the first game. "Our story defines a whole new conflict that will have a profound effect on the events of Rainbow Six: Vegas and its sequel," explains Game Designer Philippe Therien. A few questions later and CVG discovers exactly what that means. "The first mission is set in the past, and you'll get to understand why Gabriel turns traitor. Then you'll see what happens while the original team is in Mexico. You'll finally go beyond the original timeline and see what happens after Gabriel escapes the crash." Of course, most of the story takes place in Vegas again, so Michael Walter and Jung Park will be returning to back you up. But because Logan's busy getting ambushed across the border there's a new team leader.

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