Sniper Elite V2 Review - The Digital Fix

I can make this shot. I’m sure I can. Across from me in a heavily fortified tower is a high ranking Nazi official, he is far enough away that he becomes slightly indistinguishable from the troops at his command. I can’t miss this shot. I follow the target as he disappears behind pillars but doesn’t re-emerge;where the hell did he go? I scan the floor and suddenly a figure appears and I can tell he is giving orders; this is my target. I empty my lungs, compensate for the bullet drop and check the wind; it’s now or never. I pull the trigger and the chamber rings with killer intent. The game world slows down and I watch as the camera follows my bullet hurtling towards its target and as it reaches the Nazi officer his body is shown in an anatomical cutaway. I watch as the bullet hits the right eye, tunnels through the brain and causes the back of the skull to explode, cascading over both the wall behind and the nearby troops. Mission successful; welcome to Sniper Elite V2.

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