Uncharted Afterthoughts

1UP writes:

"If it seems difficult to find a PlayStation 3 gem, you obviously haven't uncovered Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. We have -- that's why we rounded up Naughty Dog Copresident Evan Wells and Uncharted Director Amy Hennig to spill the jewels on their game.

Evan Wells, copresident of Uncharted developer Naughty Dog, has worked on some expected (the Jak and Crash series) and unexpected projects. Panic on Funkotron, anyone?

The career of game director Amy Hennig also covers a lot of ground. Before moving over to Naughty Dog, she was at Crystal Dynamics working on the Legacy of Kain series."

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predator3967d ago

great game.

I like it that they give credit to other great games were its due i.e gears of war

Coke-a-Cola3967d ago

The AI Is by far the best I have ever seen in a single player game and the Beauty OMG.

blacsheep3967d ago

they are showing the ps3 too much love recently,they seem to now be jumping on the 'i love ps3 train' too late your biased and unjustified remarks you made about the ps3 in its infancy stage shows what a sh!t site you are.

teething problems are over,AAA games are coming,blu-ray is victorious and even play tv outdoes microsofts effort,and now you love ps3?

go back to loving the aging and rapidly dying 360

nanometric3967d ago

I played the demo, it looks really good, but the gameplay was like- meh Tho I liked the movie like feel to it, Indiana Jones...


Baba19063967d ago

i loved the demo. but the finished game is much much much much better than anything on the demo. the story doenst let you go, the graffics are amazing and the gamplay twist at the end is as good as twists can get.

you should at least rent it.

Luca Blight3967d ago

I came away rather unimpressed by the demo. That being said, the actual game is great! The cohesive intruiging storyline combined with great presentation/production values and rather fun gameplay really mesh well in the final product. I recommend you give the game a try (at least a rental).

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The story is too old to be commented.