Reaction Time - Sniper Elite V2 Review

It isn't often that you get a remake to a game with an average reception, but I'm almost glad that Sniper Elite managed to find itself this new audience, who are more likely to pick it up; from what I gather, the original didn't sell particularly well. I could be mistaken, but regardless, I know plenty of people that enjoyed Sniper Elite for all the right reasons. They want a game that puts you in the shoes of the sniper and with a decent degree of realism, and in my opinion, Sniper Elite (and now, V2) are at the top of the sniper game food-chain. Unfortunately, everything else that is wrapped around the actual sniping isn't quite on target resulting in a disappointingly shallow game, which appears not to have gotten the attention (from the developers) that it deserves.

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blinkingfast2391d ago

nice good review less then i would thought but the hypes big i guess.

sprinterboy2391d ago

Love the demo, played over 50 times and still finding new ways of taking things out, not played the full game yet but review is a harsh 6 going off the demo