George Hotz aka GeoHot "described his hacking methodology" with Sony engineers

A feature released by The New Yorker on George Hotz aka GeoHot, has revealed that the renowned hacker has been working together with Sony to improve their security measures.

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NYC_Gamer2358d ago

Its smart for companies to work with the mod/hack community

kamruk2358d ago

Definitely, companies and even the government have been doing it forever, I'm just surprised to see that Sony actually got GeoHot on board. Wonder what sum of money he was offered :D

BattleTorn2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It's kinda like if the FBI were to hire the 'Bare-foot bandit'

A disagree? why?

Sony/Geohot = authority/notorious-evader = good hiring

FBI/notorious-evader = no good, why?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32358d ago

Funny when MS did this last year, N4G called them the enemy for doing it.

piroh2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

wasn't he banned from Sony products? it's hard for me to believe this

Peppino72358d ago

I can see this kid selling the security codes to someone. He just doesn't seem trustworthy although he'd make more money with SONY in the long run.

MAJ0R2358d ago

Well this is what Sony should have done in the first place instead of crying about how he was the one responsible for the PS3 being hacked.

It would have saved them a LOT of scrutiny and damage done by other hackers.

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Pushagree2358d ago

This guy is a CRIMINAL. He should not be getting a job, he should be in jail.

FlashXIII2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

What actual crime did he commit? The guy is smart and is better off helping companies like Sony than being in jail.. save jailspace for the real criminals like rapists, murderers and bankers.

LOGICWINS2358d ago

"This guy is a CRIMINAL. He should not be getting
a job, he should be in jail."

Yes, put him in jail so he can leech our tax money in food/lodging. Waaay better idea than making him a productive part of society by helping Sony catch OTHER criminals.


Pushagree2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

How about STEALING one month of psn from MILLIONS of paying customers? How about the fact the he caused FEATURES from PS3 to be removed because he ILLEGALLY HACKED the system? The world could be BETTER without him. He does nothing for society but make it worse. That to me is the definition of a criminal and he belongs in jail just like every other criminal.

mr_badhand2358d ago


So commit a crime and get a job?
That's how things work. And here I've been trying to be a model citizen and live an honest life.

Who knew all I had to do was rob, steal and cheat to be rewarded with being a productive part of society.

Thanks for the advice Logic.

LOGICWINS2358d ago

"Who knew all I had to do was rob, steal and cheat to be rewarded with being a productive part of society."

Anyone idiot can rob, steal, and cheat...your only rewarded if your really good at it ;)

Ever heard of Frank Abagnale?

Eamon2358d ago

He hasn't been convicted of any crime by a court of law so legally speaking he is not a criminal.

Eiffel2358d ago

"How about STEALING one month of psn from MILLIONS of paying customers?"

I know right, it's not like PSN is free or anything. To make it worse we were given free games as a result. What a total bastard.

The_Kills2358d ago

You must be one of those conservative flop4brains.

Pushagree2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

"You must be one of those conservative flop4brains."

Why do you say that? Because I say that people who commit crimes deserve just punishment for it? That is how the system is SUPPOSED to work. If it worked the way people are saying (oh just give that criminal a job, that will teach him) then EVERYONE would commit crimes and the world would go into chaos! Stop defending this guy. He doesnt deserve it. He is scum and he has way more than he deserves.

Why would I be jealous of some skinny punk? At least I have my integrity and moral compass intact. I dont have to steal from people to get ahead in the world. That makes be BETTER than him. Therefore, I have no reason to be jealous of him.

3GenGames2358d ago

A criminal for what? Writing software/getting around "security" of a device he owns and bought? GTFO.

A-Glorious-Dawn2358d ago

about the 'stealing one month off psn'

Geohotz was nothing to do with the network hack he just jailbroke the ps3....

happened way before...

FlashXIII2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Lol this article goes to show just how biased and stupid some people on this site are. The guy isn't a criminal.. he was never found guilty of committing a crime and by law that means he isn't a criminal.

You can take your biased attitude either way you want.. you could say he was promoting piracy and cost Sony a lot of money or you could say he was just tinkering around with a piece of hardware he bought but facts are facts and the fact here is he isn't a criminal.

CarlosX3602358d ago

@FlashXIII, a settlement usually means the other party is guilty; in this case, it's GeoHotz.

The fact that he spent money elsewhere with his donation money while facing a lawsuit is another clue he's guilty.

Follow the money, man. Follow it.

It's not biased. The truth was there for you to be seeing.

StayStatic2357d ago

Call the self righteous police , FlashXIII is correct : "save jailspace for the real criminals like rapists, murderers and bankers."

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CarlosX3602358d ago

Finally GeoHotz does something good for once!

ATi_Elite2357d ago

I thought this clown was "BANNED" from Planet Earth!

.....anyway we all know Companies/Government work with Hackers!

Hacking is the easiest way to get a high paying job (without going to Boot Camp) with the FBI or Pentagon!

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versusALL2358d ago

Nice. Hopefully with his help, The PlayStation Network wont shut down for another month.

user54670072358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

If I was Sony I would of punched him in the face first...and THEN hire him

Does seem a tad hypocritical of Sony though, put up a massive fight with him, go against piracy which was a bold, brave thing to do, watch the PSN go down for a month and now work along side him....come on

He was the person who started the chain reaction leading to the PSN being shut down...I wouldn't of dared hired him

NYC_Gamer2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Hmm...but isn't it better for Sony to work with the dudes who brought down the PSN in the first place....."even former enemies could make good allies"

torchic2358d ago

I saw an interview the other day and this guy basically said that's how modern policemen work. they work with the community (and criminals to an extent), and not against them.

Sony is kind of using the same principle. only good can come from this.

kamruk2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

A police officer I once met told me that one of the best guys they have, is a cop who simply knows "all the people from the scene" and therefore solves his cases the fastest (he's known for being lazy, simply hanging out with these people all the time. Therefore, wants to solve things through networking xD)

Hicken2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

You mean like when law enforcement has criminals help them with ongoing cases they might otherwise not be able to solve? Prosecuting him was the right thing to do, first and foremost. But working with him gives him a chance to benefit, and they benefit as well. Oh, and we benefit, too.

Sounds like you would have taken it personally, but it's business: hire the talent. For GeoHot, it's as the saying goes: if you can't beat em, join em.

Edit: mr_badhand, you sure do love to take things to their extremes, don't you?

I don't know what country you live in, but criminals have cooperated with their governments for centuries to receive lighter sentences. Whether it's ratting out co-conspirators or simply pointing folks in the right direction; sad to say, I had one of my cousins try to cooperate and implicate another in a murder so she would receive a lighter sentence.

Or have you never heard of someone testifying for a lighter sentence? More than just that happens, you know.

Also, note I said "Hire the talent." The talent on the legal side of hacking kinda doesn't exist. So if you want someone to help you stop hackers, your best bet is another hacker. But it usually isn't until they get caught that they're willing to cooperate.

I'm SO sorry you didn't understand that, though.

mr_badhand2358d ago

Hicken is right! Lets all become career criminals and get great jobs when we're caught.

Criminals helping law enforcement? Like Breakout Kings or White Collar? What's that other TV show where a criminal teams up with a cop... Oh yea the movie 48 hours!

wolokowoh2358d ago

@mr_badhand You're entitled to your opinion but know that those shows aren't exactly original ideas. They are inspired by real life circumstances and the criminals were actually useful in those situations. Also you forgot the Hannibal movies.

mr_badhand2358d ago


Damn, how could I forget those movies.

I know most are based off of real life situations because not to long ago I myself partnered up with a cop to bring down a ruthless crime boss. It detailed long car chase scenes, witty dialog and a final shoot out scene all in an hour and a half time.

VanillaBear2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

It's kind of giving those types of hackers the wrong message

"Hack something big, cause a big kafuffle and get given a well paid job."

Thats not right...they should be punished, why should people who follow the rules in life miss out getting good jobs against someone who has broken them

What about the good hackers out there, the ones who know how to hack but also know when they are going too far. People like that who actually try and get work end up being unemployeed while arseholes like Geohot get a well paid job.

Sony working with him for the "better" is nonsense, if you had good computer/hacker skills you could work to help improve the online.

I mean if you found out you lost a job oppertunity towards someone who took down the companies online system and made their life a living hell for a would be a tad p*ssed off you lost it to someone like him.

WeskerChildReborned2358d ago

Wasn't he working for Facebook once? Lol it's funny how Sony sued with this guy and now he's working with them

Skateboard2358d ago

Use your enemy to make your defenses stronger. It's brilliant.

kamruk2358d ago

He's actually still working on Facebook as far as I know.

izumo_lee2358d ago

Maybe it was part of the agreement that Sony made with Geohot that made that fiasco end so abruptly. The dude started the whole events that led to the PSN outage so hiring the guy to see what he saw in the holes of the security will help make it stronger.

He may be a douche but he is a brilliant one at that though.

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