Interview: Dragon's Dogma producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi

The Guardian:"We collared the producer of Capcom's huge, innovative forthcoming RPG for an exclusive interview when he visited London."

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MysticStrummer2416d ago

Everytime I see a new video or article on this game they call it an RPG, which makes me think of the guy on N4G (Crap_Turtle... I think was the name) that made it a point for awhile to comment on every DD article here to say it wasn't an RPG. I'm seriously fiending for this game.

rdgneoz32416d ago

There was an interview a while ago, where Capcom basically said that the game according to the west would be an RPG, but in Japan its an action-RPG. And with all the customization, crafting,leveling up / new abilities, quests, areas to explore, etc, its hard not to call it that.

Then they go and say it isn't an RPG... But Overall, the more I read about it and see from videos, the more I like it.

The one thing I keep getting worried about is Capcom itself screwing the game over by locking tons of content to the disc, people finding it, and all the backlash taking away from what would be a good game (as well as being pissed about content locked behind a hex wall...). Here's hoping they don't announce any DLC plans for a while :P

BiggCMan2416d ago

While I think this game would be in better hands with another developer, as of now I really enjoyed what I saw in the demo. So I really hope they don't screw everything over. I love seeing new I.P's this generation, they are so rare.

MysticStrummer2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

As I understand it, the guy who originally said it wasn't an RPG no longer even works for Capcom. I think they hesitated to call it that because they didn't want action game fans to turn away. It does seem that some RPG elements are more behind the scenes than usual, such as stats, but I don't see how anyone can deny this an RPG at heart.

I don't think I've bought one Capcom game this gen, so I haven't been screwed by any shady DLC practices. I'll worry about that if and when it happens. Until then, I'm chomping at the bit for this game. I watch videos, read previews, and play the demo every day. I even set a countdown timer on my phone. lol They did already say they have DLC planned for it though. I bet all the various pre-order bonuses will be buyable pretty quickly.

Ahhh look, it's Regent down there, repeating his usual comment about DD being overshadowed. He and Crap_Turtle should hook up.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2416d ago

I wonder what's locked away on the disc this time. Not like it matters as I'm sure there will be a Super Dragon's Dogma later on as they'll want to re-release it since it will be overshadowed by better games.

rezzah2416d ago

100 side quest for $7

rdgneoz32416d ago

I'm curious what will be if anything is, seeing as this quote...

"As for the main campaign, it would take an average player around 50 hours to complete, just if you do the main quests. If you do all the sub-quests, it would take easily over 300 hours."

... has me curious what could be locked if it's suppose to have 300 hours of content already.

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