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Indy game Maniac Miner 360 submitted to XBLA for review

British independent video game developer Elite Systems has submitted its first Xbox LIVE title, Maniac Miner 360, to Microsoft for review. (Maniac Miner 360, Retro, Xbox 360)

mr_badhand  +   717d ago
Hey N4G!

Remember when everyone was concerned about the new dash saying how no one could find the indie channel and bashing MS for this. Remember the heat those articles generated on this site?

as if those people cared about the indie games.
sprinterboy  +   716d ago
Manic miner, good times with that game
Tyre  +   716d ago
That's just awesome...try to beat that game. That is only for the real hardcore...it still is hard as hell. Modern day games look soft compared to Manic Miner (the original). I hope they didn't change anything, like make it easier.

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