NVIDIA's GTX690 Arrives At

MB:Well today we opened up the crate and got to see what comes inside it, and low and behold it was filled with Zombies, bloody damn Zombies to be correct, what you don't believe me? Okay you got me there were no real Zombies, but there was a shiny new reference model GTX690 though in the box and man it looks really sweet. Dual GTX680s on a single PCB that are sure to win the hearts of gamers, overclocker's and enthusiasts the world over and although we cannot talk specs or performance quite yet we can show you some nice up close picture of the card for you to drool over.

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NYC_Gamer2088d ago

That's one sexy as card......

Orpheus2088d ago

The nf200 chip has been replaced by an updated PLX chip that is compatible with PCIE 3 and also has lower latency.

GamingPerson2088d ago

lol I used to like amd better.

NYC_Gamer2088d ago (Edited 2088d ago )

Me too,but after bad driver support and many games being built around Nvidia features i just had enough and made the switch.....

Intel=my choice for cpu
Nvidia=my choice for gpu

F7U122088d ago

12.4 drivers are pretty sweet BF3 is running like a beast with the latest update. I agree that 12.1-12.3 was a bit buggy but I have to wonder if Nvidia has better track record.

Orpheus2088d ago

The two most graphically demanding games of 2013 crysis 3 and metro last light are built in collaboration with nvidia .... nd theres much more ....

ATi_Elite2087d ago

Intel = My Choice for CPU
Nvidia = My Choice for GPU
Gigabyte/Asus = My Choice for Mobo's
Corsair = my choice for everything else!

Sorry AMD but you are SO SECOND string it isn't even funny anymore!

GamingPerson2087d ago

Amd makes good gpu's! But Nvidia has way better support.

SnakeCQC2088d ago

shouldn't this still be on tech spy?