Videogamer: Dishonored Preview

Morgan and Custis Pendleton must die. It's not immediately clear why, at this moment in time. Maybe it's just the anti One Per cent vibe I'm carrying around in my veins these days, but they look like bad people. Besides, they're hanging around in an oversized bathhouse, and we all know the punters there pay for sex – a crime which, in gaming terms, offers immediate justification for bloody slaughter. As it does in the real world.

So yes, Morgan and Custis Pendleton must die. The only question is this: is it to be the Quiet Way, or the Not So Quiet Way.

Well, what's it to be?

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joab7772415d ago

Anti-1%? Why because their are some bad people. Well many 1%ers are in the government and they are ultimately the most dangerous people. Yet no one fears government just rich people.

Anyway good review and im looking so forward to this game. More than the 1% feeling it appears to satisfy my suspiscion of government. Dont falsely accuse me of killing anyone lol.