Kickstarter game 'Mythic: The Story of Gods and Men' outed as scam


The wildly successful Doublefine Kickstarter has led to the proposal of a number of dream games, many of which are on their way to becoming a reality. But one such project sounded too good to be true — and ended up being a scam.

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Jourdy2882394d ago

Ugh, that's just awful. I wonder how many scams like these are floating around...

Emilio_Estevez2394d ago

I think we all knew these would come around after some of the very successful kickstarts. There will always be someone trying to take advantage.

Reborn2394d ago

Probably plenty of these around.

Once you see how much money you can get, everyone wants a piece of it. Sadly, it's not the people who want to use money for good things.

Mythicninja2394d ago

I hope they find this guy and clip his balls off

wallis2394d ago

This is a shame but it was always going to happen. Though in the age of information these guys are going to start finding it harder and harder to get away with these scams.

Not to mention if you start pissing the internet off enough then anonymous always swings in eventually, invited or not. It'd be nice to see people like this getting harassed every time they log onto a wifi to check their emails.

Or maybe game developers should make some kind of payment to the audience to prove their commitment. Nothing monetary based but something simpler - like photographic evidence that they're willing to stick their nuts in a bee hive to prove they're not scam artists. It's the only way...