Why David Jaffe is Wrong on the 'One-Console' Future

Wired Game|Life, By Chris Kohler on January 11, 2008:

God of War creator David Jaffe is making some waves over on his blog this week by suggesting that the videogame industry get together and decide on one hardware platform, rather than put competing boxes on the market and split up consumers and software publishers.

Jaffe makes some passionate arguments about why it would be good for consumers and the industry. But it's not going to happen. And to try to force it would be foolish for any companies that tried.

That said, on the matter of the "one standardized hardware," Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft all agree with David Jaffe. They all believe in, and are dedicating all of their business acumen to the goal of, having one single videogame console on the market.

Thing is, they all want it to be *their* console.

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Prismo_Fillusion3962d ago

Two consoles > Three consoles > One console

Just my opinion. :)
It's too expensive for most people to afford to own all three consoles, which mean that the vast majority of gamers are missing out on playing some of the greatest games of this generation. It's a real shame.

lockload3962d ago

But this is only an issue this gen because last gen PS2 was pretty much the single platform

This gen the devs cant ignore the 360 and wii if they want to make money where before they could and just did PS2 games.

QuackPot3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

The big three need to unite and create a standard Gaming PC specifications that are fixed for 4-5 years - no expensive H/W upgrades. They would also need a standard GameOS.

A standardized Gaming System will allow H/W manufacturers to compete with each other to make their own versions of the game console. Games developers will also have a fixed H/W specifications to work with and will optimize the coding of their games for that H/W over the next 4-5 years.

That's the ideal world but likely won't happen with Microsoft in the picture - they clearly want to monopolized the game console market and are willing to lose millions to do so.

Also, Nintendo is making M$ with the Wii and DS so they aren't likely to join in as well.

So Sony should go it alone and set a Playstion PC specification and GameOS and let companies like Compaq, Toshiba, Dell etc make their own versions of the Playstation. Remember, fixed H/W specs(eg 1 Gig Ram, Cell processor, 1 GB GPU) for 4-5 years.

Just imaging having a expensive Playstation Laptop that can dual boot to Sony Linux OS or just a simple cheap mini-PS unit to connect to you HDTV.

This is the obvious future. Which company will do it first? C'mon Sony just do it.

Ju3962d ago

I do not agree. I think diversity in the HW specs are crucial.

If a unique console model should ever arrive, it should only be a SW layer. The underlaying HW should possibly still be different. This allows consoles with different features (e.g. higher res, more details, different connectivity, etc) but makes the games cross platform compatible. If you have a low budget, play the game on lower res. If you can afford a high end console, go with the top range model.

But, it would require a key component to be available to all vendors, that's the "GameOS". Who controls that, controls the market.

The other thing is, if there are multiple vendors, the number of units sold per vendor will go down and thus lead to higher prices. Well, maybe because of lower component prices the retail price can stay low, but be careful what you wish for. The only reason why PCs can keep up the prices (and the don't reach the price/performance level of consoles!) is, because they are in a lethal competition and driven by innovation - means a product becomes obsolete within month. Things I personally don't want to see in the console market and a reason why I am playing console games rather then PC games.

nix3962d ago

personally, i don't mind "one console" thing as long as it's not MS' console... but yeah everyone do get bossy if there's only one console in the market.

lockload3962d ago

Does not mean one console on sale they could still have different non gaming functions but the standard gaming platform would be there

Not that it would ever happen although its pretty much happened with direct x being used on 360 and pc (which makes things easier)

pandabear3962d ago

I don't thin haveing 1 console would be good for gamers. The reason we get so many great games for X360 & PS3 (and Wii)is because of competition and trying to beat each other. If their is no competition then no-one will push the boundaries and all studios will go the way of EA - producing weak yearly updates.

Console gaming would die if there was only 1.

ip-student3962d ago

It is very possible that the competition in selling games for the unified platform would be enough - but hard to say.

sevanig3962d ago

2 console future, wii for kids/grandparents, and ps3 for the real games...

The 360 is for people who cant afford a good pc for fps's

xbox Forever3962d ago

We already have a one console future it’s called XBOX 360.

With games like
Banjo 3, halo wars, alan wake, warhound, too human, gears of war 2, perfect dark zero 2, lost odyssey, project gotham 5, ninja gaiden 2, Splinter cell 5, Huxley, Fable 2, GTA Exclusive content.

plus many more exclusive Microsoft have not announced yet, customers will not be fooled anymore by the fony PS3, Xbox is the FUTURE

ravinash3962d ago

its a shame you'll be missing out on games like MGS4, GT5 and little big planet.

mistertwoturbo3962d ago

don't forget Final Fantasy XIII, FFvsXIII, Tekken 6, God of War III, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted 2, WarDevil, Heavy Rain, The Getaway 3, Infamous, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, White Knight Story, SOCOM: Confrontation, SOCOM 4, The Agency, Driver 5, Fatal Frame, Haze, L.A. Noire, Yakuza 3, Motorstorm 2 etc.

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