Eurogamer: Guild Wars 2 Preview: A Weekend in Tyria

While this was a wet weekend for most people in the UK, my own windows liberally speckled by rainfall, the skies over Divinity's Reach remained a beautiful hue of blue throughout. The weather was perfect for a short break in the city and allowed me to enjoy some sedate shopping on the promenade, a carefree visit to the carnival and even a chance to marvel at the engineering extravagance that is Uzolan's Mechanical Orchestra. Of course, while the charming land of Tyria has a lot to see and is ideal for a quick getaway, many of you will be wondering whether it's worth a lengthier stay.

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DanSolo2418d ago

So is it likely to come to PS3 or not?

I keep hearing conflicting rumours....

Psychonaughty2418d ago

They have a small team working on a potential console version, nothing concrete. If it ever does come out on console it will be a few years in the future and probably on nextgen, my guess is it will never come to console though.

I just bought a £700 pc just so I could play it on max settings so I doubt current consoles could handle it tbh.

DanSolo2418d ago

Ah ok, thanks for the info!

Would be cool if it did come to console though, either current or next gen would be good!