Futuristic Zelda fan art

Late last year, artist Sean Ng created a number of pieces showcasing what a futuristic Zelda could look like.

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Titanz2270d ago

A boner suppressing agent.

Relientk772270d ago

Looks cool, but a bit suprising, not used to seeing these characters all futuristic lol

Canary2270d ago

Probably because most Zelda fans recognize just how important nature is to the overall themes and and underlying concepts of the Zelda franchise, and most future visions involve antithetical design elements. Urban sprawl, densely populated cities, etc., etc.

Of course, there IS a segment of the fanbase that's determined as hell (for some reason) to see a grimdark Zelda in a dystopian setting.

user54670072270d ago

Using a Riot Shield as a Hyrule shield


The Great Melon2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

Make it happen Nintendo. This is an interesting way to try something different with Zelda, yet not break the formula at the same time.