Bayonetta 2: Cancelled Or Not?

Vague and rather contradictory reports from both Sega and Platinum camps has left the fans of the long-legged witch confused and frustrated as to what is the status of the critically-acclaimed action title's sequel

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Venox20082093d ago

I hope it's not, it's one of my most waited games :)

deep_fried_bum_cake2092d ago

As this says, you can't cancel something that hasn't been confirmed.

Nimblest-Assassin2092d ago

How can something that has not been announced be cancelled?

Makes no sense

DasTier2092d ago

Either way its not my kind of game, but its a shame to see an game get cancelled.

ninjahunter2092d ago

Hasn't even been announced yet, calm yourself internet.

Reborn2092d ago

How did this pass, when their are two articles killing the rumour of it being cancelled?

Summons752092d ago

>.> Sega said it was NOT cancelled so that means it is NOT cancelled.....not to mention it was never even announced.

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