GNT: Top 5 Best Dragons in Gaming

GNT: Welcome to the Top 5!
This is where we examine and celebrate the very best things in the gaming universe…in my opinion!
If you feel I’ve missed anything out feel free to comment or if you wish to praise me on my excellent choices do that too!

In this edition we examine the Top 5 Best Dragons in Gaming!

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NukaCola2269d ago

Good list. Oh seeing Valoo again makes me smile. I really loved Wind Waker and I want to play it again someday. Oh how it would be cool to get a Wii U Zelda with these toon shaded graphics in HD.

neutralgamer192269d ago

Dragons in demon souls and dark souls were awesome.

Captain Qwark 92269d ago (Edited 2269d ago )

agreed, any one of them smokes pretty much this whole list

also the dragon from the witcher 2. not only did he mess sh*t up in the beginning but he came down and tore up some more sh*t at the end......then after your fight he gets impaled in one of the sweetest possible ways.....then if you choose to end him you get to watch geralt stick a sword right through his eyes......just awesome.....

jthamind2269d ago

Alexstrasza the Life-Binder >>>>> Deathwing's punk ass.

neutralgamer192269d ago

In response to Captain Qwark.....

Yeah dude awesome looking dragons in DS.

I haven't had the pleasure of playing the Witcher 2, but would one day love to play it.