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galgor2417d ago

Can't see this going down too well with BO fans..

majiebeast2417d ago ShowReplies(4)
suicidalblues2417d ago

Sounds like COD:Future Soldier to me.

Jio2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

A screenshot. Stuff is on fire, and there are guns. This is CoD alright.

Brettman20082417d ago

Will be interesting to see how this sells compared to the original Black Ops and MW3; and even the new Medal of Honor. I don't think too much innovation will be on offer.

Mustang300C20122417d ago

If it is fun it will sale. This works for every game. Black ops is still selling and still being played after two years. Constantly in the number two or 3 slot for Xbox Live games. Pretty sure that is the case on the PS3. Innovation isn't the key to this game selling. If it has the same engine that isn't going to affect the sakes of the game. It may affect YOU individually on your personal taste. But most buy it because it is fun. Got love every year the same stuff gets said over and over about this series.


zombies is the reason i play BO nothing more nothing less

Getowned2416d ago

Lots of games lack innovation even the ones we praise the most, innovation is not a reason I buy or play a game. I still play Black Ops from time to time and it's the only COD game i'll play. I HATE mw3 and regret buying it. COD is a game I both hate and enjoy I think the game should play like black ops but we need more game modes,maps,weapons,less lag,bigger maps with longer time limit.. actually the ability to host a match and customize it like for example "dual Hand guns only CTF" were your points count unlike a private match

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The story is too old to be commented.