Third Party Retail Downloads Coming To Wii U & 3DS Too

"We knew Nintendo was planning to release a majority of its future 3DS and Wii U titles as downloads as well as hard copies starting off in August with New Super Mario Bros 2, but now the company has confirmed that it plans to support third party content too for its new digital service. If this means titles are available as downloads on their launch, it could give Nintendo the advantage over Sony and Microsoft who only offer retail games digitally months after their initial launch. It’s hard to believe this is the same Nintendo once known for friend codes and a severely lacking online system originally."

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Titanz2415d ago

3rd parties will definitely take advantage of the Wii U's digital service, because retail copies involve more risk.

Besides the few occasional 3rd party exclusives, expect the Wii U to be heavily supported by 3rd parties day 1.

PopRocks3592415d ago

Very intelligent on Nintendo's part. The more third party support, the better.

mamotte2415d ago

I'm really excited by this new console, but if Nintendo plan to sell full games as downloadable games, I expect the WiiU to have a big storage system, or the possibility to use external drives to save our games.

sloth33952415d ago

mass effect 3 was downloadable day 1 on the PS3 and ghost recon is going to be also so Sony is already starting to do that and they do that with the Vita also