God of War: Ascension’s director further comments on campaign length and more

Todd Papy, the game director of God of War: Ascension, made a few more comments regarding the single-player campaign length as well as responding to a few concerns for the game’s multiplayer mode. He also provided more details about the multiplayer frame rate, Cyclops enemy in addition to the possibilities of female skins and “Horde Mode” among other subjects.

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Baka-akaB2417d ago

The fear about length and sp seems unfounded to me anyway . Gow was always quite hort , and i dont see it getting any shorter .

Majin-vegeta2417d ago

STFU and take my money already just gimme gimme :D.

Reaper99372417d ago

Does Papy really believe the GOW formula, which has been used for 5 games can still, be relevant the sixth time round?

As a GOW fan I think they should have dropped MP completely and focused all their resources on making the SP campaign fresh and compelling. Developers need to stop shoehorning MP into every damn game, GOW did not need MP, it needs to be reinvented, more story driven, better character development, deeper combat system, and it must strive to emotionally connect the player with the characters.

Kratos has such a rich history behind his life, as a fan I would like to know more about Kratos the man; the time when revenge and rage was not his only motivation...

MySwordIsHeavenly2417d ago

It seems like they're revamping the series, entirely. They're changing the combat. That's what they've been saying, anyway. Also, I'm not a big multi-player fan, but this looks pretty fun!

The thing is...they changed the formula for God of War III. They made every weapon fun (instead of just ONE weapon that you want to use the whole time), took out all the wooden plank-walking segments that slowed the game down, and gave us the most epic boss battles since Shadow of the Colossus. It was so much better than GOW I & II.

MaxXAttaxX2417d ago

And who says they're not focusing on SP!?

He already explained that they're reworking the gameplay mechanics(combat), making Kratos a bit more human, etc, in a couple of other interviews.
Pay attention.

MrDead2417d ago

Like the guy said wait until you play it. No one can say what this game needs or doesn’t need as you haven’t played it so you can do nothing but speculate.

It might turn out to be the best God of War or the worst but there is one thing we know for sure that is nobody knows what the outcome will be until we get our hands on it.

Reaper99372417d ago

Well I hope my speculation is wrong and this turns out to be the best GOW yet...

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The story is too old to be commented.