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Crazyglues2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

I still don't understand how this is in the future and it's going to be a part 2 to the story...

-but looking good so far I guess...

I might have to actually get this one because of Zombies... I actually liked the story of Black Ops 1 and I'm hoping treyarch does a good job..

Zombie killing has always been fun so it will be interesting to see what they do..

It's either this or Medal Of Honor Warfighter.. we shall see which one is looking better as we get closer to Nov.


Kingdom Come2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

Black Ops' story (in my opinion) was atrocious, it copied entire scenes from films (the Russian Roullette scene was essentially the same scene as that found in The Deer Hunter) and the twist was taken directly from Fight Club. Gary Oldman did a good job as Reznov but Sam Worthington was a terrible voice actor.

Despite not having bought a Call of Duty game since the original Modern Warfare unfortunately I was given Black Ops and MW2 as Christmas presents by my Uncle (of who I rarely see, therefor he knows not of my despise of the franchise)

DasTier2302d ago

You realize that most medal of honors and call of duty games borrow heavily from films? COD1 was basically Band of brothers while Medal of honor allied assault followed saving private ryan almost completely!

DecoyOctopus2302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

yeah the story wasnt really original but i thought i was really well executed and cool. And i dont agree at all with you that Sam Worthington was terrible i thought he did it well. Anyway not really looking forward to this game looks like the mw2/mw3 engine and it's gonna play and feel/look like every other call of duty and im done with the franchise at this point.

TekoIie2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

You play COD in the same style that I masturbate: secretly ; )

SPAM-FRITTER-1232302d ago

although i havn't enjoyed a COD since WAW i thought black ops wasn't that bad. not happy that both companies are now making modern warfare.

dark-hollow2301d ago

what the point of releasing new screenshots?

just post a picture of cod 4 and write "this is how black op2 will looks like"

Merrill2301d ago

No, no, not released screenshots, 'Leaked' screenshots. It wouldn't garnish enough attention if they were willingly released ;)

gta28002301d ago

I had moments where I had fun playing MW2 with my friends...but thats it.. Bought Black Ops and MW3 because thats all my friends play and its always fun to play with friends...but even with friends, to this day I've only been able to bring my self to play Black Ops Like 5 times! MW3, no different. Waste of 120 bucks. Not this time though. Not touching anymore MW games. Or at least not until the game gets a fresh start in all aspects. Almost feels Like theyre making more CoD's than a annual sports title.

showtimefolks2301d ago

i think this is a new story i think MW 3 completed the story so this can be something new, but they will be using the same engine again so don't expect anything amazing

i am more interested in bioshock and borderlands 2 alogn with dishonored to fill my FPS needs this fall

gintoki7772301d ago

I honestly would not be able to bring myself to purchase another Cod game. Its a waste of money.


likewise. I've honestly said that every year, but this time around...ive barely even played MW3. there's literally NO reason for me to plunk another 60 bucks down on a game i probably wont reach 2nd prestige in. The reference to what looks to be Anonymous just pisses me off more than anything too.

ritsuka6662301d ago

I actually kind of enjoyed the Black Ops campaign. I thought it was a pretty decent action story. The online was the most Call of Duty I've played since 4 as well, so I'm HYPED for this game!

Xenomorph2301d ago

Call Of Duty Period hasn't had good story telling since COD4.

Mod War 2- Meh
Mod War 3- Meh
Any Treyarch Story- Bad

DeadSpaced2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

For me, the list would go like this:

WaW-Not great but not bad.
Black Ops- Not horrible.

dcortz20272301d ago

COD4 - Great

[email protected] - So so

MW2 - Good

BO - Bad

MW3 - Crap

I don't have high hopes for this title, or for any future COD game. I hope the new Medal Of Honor game is good!

DeadlyFire2301d ago

Funny Infinity ward's last great game was Call of Duty 4. MW2 I think Activision pushed their own agenda. MW 3 I think dev team said F*** It and jumped into Respawn. I can't wait to see what they do with Respawn studio. :)

Black Ops from what I have played wasn't to bad. Between MW3 developer and Black Ops developer I think the tide has shifted to Tryarch being the better studio. Although they could probably use a few new people in some areas.

J_Cob2301d ago (Edited 2301d ago )

The game uses flashbacks again most likely from Woods telling stories as an old man. It goes from the 80's all the way up to 2025.

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Prcko2302d ago

one more call of duty??
this is lame,gief us some inovation --,,--

Chitown712912301d ago

Am i the only one that saw the tank with legs on there? Lol

CaptCalvin2301d ago

Doubt its any more usable than the Stryker that was in MW2

Chitown712912301d ago

Haha very true dude. I was just pointing it out, it looked odd lol

ritsuka6662301d ago

Seriously dude give it a rest. If you don t like the game don t play it. I don t care if you or someone else calls me an idiot or treats me like dirt because I buy this game ok?

Kanzes2302d ago

the screenshots shows the graphic is still crappy

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