HD-DVD Is Dead: Do Xbox 360 Gamers Care?

Chris Cornwell writes:

Personally though, I don't seem to bring myself to care. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but the idea of turning my games console into a jack of all trades multimedia monster never really appealed to me. I accept that having extra features available are welcome as a convenience, but to be honest, I don't think it would make any difference to whether I'd want to buy the console or not. I'd want to buy it on the strength of its games library, rather than its ability to browse the web or download TV shows.

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mikeslemonade3965d ago

They seemed to care when it was first introduced and was to kill the PS3 and blu-ray. Now that HD-DVD lost they just throw it to the side and say "we never cared".

Mr Marbles3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I care, just not that much, I own the add on, and I gotta say I love it, it was so dam cheap, plus I knew the risk when I purchased it. Besides, I still have my movies and my drive so I just dont care that much. The only thing I worry about is this, I also own bluray, and my HDDVD movies on average look better, the bluray guys have not mastered transfers the way HDDVD did,(plus a lot still use that mpeg crap) so I just hope Bluray starts to look as good as HDDVD very soon, or I will be pissed.

JsonHenry3965d ago

I never cared. Because even though I happen to use and like my 360 more than my PS3 - I have ALWAYS said that Blu-Ray should be the next format. It is just a better product. More expensive at the moment, yes, but still a much better product.

eLiNeS3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

I bought one for about $190 with Heroes box set plus two free movies, I choose 300 and Transformers and then I sent in for 5 FREE movies.

I never opened Heroes or 300, keep Transformers for what reason I don't know, I could have just rented it like the 50 other movies I rented.

After the holidays I took Heroes, 300 and a game (COD2) I got free from another deal, back to Best Buy where I bought them but with out a receipt and got $166 in credit. Once I heard the news of Warner Bros I knew this was the time to sell it on eBay for the most money and I could pick up another deal if I wanted to later, so I got $135 on eBay. Plus I still have to sell or take back the 5 FREE movies sitting on my desk I just got in the mail the other day. so I bought it for $190 and got credit of $166+$135 on eBay, that comes to $301, so I made $111 for siding with HD-DVD for a short time. Not bad I must say.

I made money on an HD-DVD player I enjoyed for a few months in glorious HD, rented a ton of movies for FREE with two 1 month trial accounts with BB and Netfix, so yeah, why would I care!!!

UPDATE: Look at that, 5 jealous fony fandroids so far, what losers!!!

godofthunder103965d ago

the reason that my post is to long is that ever time i post something that give credit to the 360 and ps3 people take away one of my bubbles so please give me a bubble,hell you could even read all my articles your selfs and see that i think they both are good systems.
hell no i don't care.i bought the 360 for games not movies,if i want to watch movies i would've bought a br or hd dvd player.if you play moveies on any game system it will shorten the life of it.the only reason that all the ps3 fans are acting like it's a must have is because they have a br in the ps3.
i admit that i didn't care who won because they are the same damn thing but sony put br in the ps3 so they could get br players in the homes of people a lot quicker the hd dvd not for games and it was a smart move.
ps3 fans want admit it but br really isn't needed for games for another 3 years because all the games that they are anounceing that's coming out in the next couple of years will only use 1 disc.about %98 of games that's out now and coming out in the next few years will only use 1 disc.i know that they will have some games that coming out will have more then 1 disc but so did the ps2 and ps fans didn't act as they are now,hell they act like it's a 5hr job just to change a dvd.i did it with the ps2 and it didn't kill me or messed up my game and it will be the same on the 360.
i think that the ps3 and 360 or both good systems and they both will be around as long as people want to play game.i've read a lot of post that ps3 fan posted saying that the 360 failed and they will not have another 360 but the 360 made a profit last year and the ps3 didn't but i know it will but i think that when people say stuff like this about any system is just childish and really don't know what's going on.
ps3 fans are saying that because br won that it will hurt the 360 and help the ps3.the truth is that it will have no effect,how can it hurt the 360 when the 360 doesn't have any one of them in it and the ps3 always had a br in it.
the majority of people that wanted br have it already and the majority of the people that don't want even buy one.hell why would a person pay $30 to $35 for 1 movie when they could get the same movie and 1 or 2 more for the same could buy a dvd player that upgrade regular dvds to 1080p for a $100,i know that the picture want be as good but it's good enough not to go and pay $30 for one damn movie.
when the price goes down in a couple of years is when the sales of br will really take off but for the next 2 years it will stay where it's at.i'm a movie collector with over a 1000 dvds.i could afford to pay $30 for 1 movie but i'm not going to,why would i want to pay that much for 1 movie that i'll watch a couple of times a year when i could buy the same movie for $15 when they first come out.i might buy a br player at the end of this year it depends but i will buy one next year,hell i like hi def movies now but the price of the movies are just to damn high and i refuse to pay that much for any movie.
what people don't understand is that br want make the impact that regular dvd had,hell for the last 3 to 4 years dvd sales been declining.they are already releasing another hi def dvd that will use the same tecnology that regular dvd have but the same thing that br offers for the same price as regular dvds,you could even buy a player for a little over a $100 and if 1 major studio start making them people will start buying it because it's a hell of a lot cheaper then br and other companies will follow.

fredy3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

the SH$T never played games.....

Now should HD-Movie freaks care is more like it... I'm a gamer, and every 360, Im sure did not go out and buy a 360 to play HD Movies..

This is not SONY Ps3 where 1/3 or its base is just movie freaks. that's why games sell so piss poor.

Ms thought about it. Covered.

Ben10543965d ago

I think that some of them care (fanboys, the movie lovers and people who have the hd-dvd drive). i think the fanboys care because about a year ago whenever there was an article about hd-dvd vs blu ray, there was a swawm of xbox fanboys biggin up hd-dvd
and people who have already brought the drive wont have anything new to play on it


People that think the comments(of XBOX 360 users and for that matter PS3 owners) on this site are the voice of the whole gaming community are seriously out of step with reality. This site makes up less than 1% of the world gaming community therefore any self stroking self absorbed moron that posts on here is doing nothing more than stroking his or her own ego, and more or less accomplishing nothing with their opinions. Their is onething this community has in common that transcends even their deepest beliefs and that is thier need to be heard and responded to, Validation is everyones friend at N4G. myself included!

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wageslave3965d ago

You know why I dont care? Because my PC is the media repository, not a disc, my Xbox 360 is the living-room front-end for it.

In short, Windows Media Center for the win.

Ive got a Radio Tuner and tv tuner in my PC, and almost 500 GB of HD space. Its a PVR - today. I can watch / listen to all my media from one storage-location, for instance, if i use Bearshare to dload MP3s, they are INSTANTLY available to my Xbox 360 without any hassle.

There are two ways that the Digital Living Room is going to happen:

A) The Sony Way: Everything in the PS3 and other Sony-only hardware (except generic USB storage & DAPs)


B) The Microsoft Way: Everything in the house interconnected through the PC, every vendor welcome. CableCARD? Yep. Tuners? Yep. 3rd Party Digital Download / Sales? Yep. What if I run out of HD space? Get another cheap HD, its unlimited. What if I want to *backup* my data? Simply burn some discs.

In 5 years, when the PS3 is being replaced, I dont want to have to throw it all away and replace it all.

Ive had my tuner cards for ages, I didnt have to buy a new one (PlayTV for instance) just to get the media into the living room.

Get it? I'll stick with the open, dynamic and and more future proof model.

The future is Digital distribution and computer-based media servers - Sony's closed "everything in our PS3" move sucks.

Can your PS3 stream your movies and music over the cellular network to your cellphone? I can do that, TODAY, with my rig. Why would I want to limit the functionality and close it all up into a Sony controlled scheme? No thanks.

Foo Skeptic3965d ago

- PS3 is not dead and won´t die in five years, it was built to be liable for 7 years or even more
- HD DVD is dead, and is very DEAD, Microsfot failed
- Xbox 360 will die in 3 years or less, this is Miscrosoft waranty, after 4 years there won´t be any 360 working or anyone playing live, even my 360 will die someday

Sorry but true
Xbox gamertag: Foo Skeptic

toughNAME3965d ago

nope...but I didn't care when it was alive sooo

raerae283965d ago

Well, I dont think Xbox owners care, but then again...does the consumer who is busy consuming product really care about the nuances of the market place? I mean really.

The facts of the situation are this... PS2 and DVD, there was an impact. The ability to use the DVD medium for storage meant something and had its own affect on game development and the gaming industry.

PS3 and BluRay, ummm, DITTO.

Where does that leave Xbox 360 - no where its currently got its feet planted, no news there. Future Xbox iterations though will have to make a decision on WHAT storage medium will become the standard for the next level of games to come. Sony already has this laid out, but Microsoft will be or is faced with this right now. They cant ignore it and say you will download your next copy of Halo.

Prismo_Fillusion3965d ago (Edited 3965d ago )

Only the ones who bought the HD-DVD drive I would assume. If a 360 owner just owns the console...why would he/she care? But if I bought the HD-DVD add-on I'd prolly be pissed.

(all hypothetical, since I don't even own a 360)

TheHater3965d ago

it more like a fact.
I am a 360 owner, and I don't have the HD-DVD add-on. And other gamers I know personally didn't even care for it. So, it will not affect the people that didn't get it. But for the other people that invest 200 dollars for it, then I think they will be piss about this.

lawgone3965d ago

I own it and I like it a lot. It will still play the HD DVD's I bought so I'm not that upset. Also, I have a PS3 already so I'll just buy all my future hidef movies on Blu ray. If I didn't have the PS3 too I'd probably be a little upset.

masterg3965d ago

360 Gamers dont care. 360 fanboys does.

unlimited3965d ago

im sure there is a lot that really truly care for it..and not buy it just because its Microsoft.. But i agree most of all 360 fanboys who own that system care about it..