Codemasters Release New Demo Derby Trailer For Dirt Showdown

"Those looking for a racing game full of crashing, smashing and plenty of vehicle crumpling will need to look no further as Dirt Showdown is less than a month away. With a release of May 25th Codemasters have today released a new trailer along with a downloadable demo on Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Steam on PC. Check it out!"

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49erguy2357d ago

This should have been an optional Dirt 3 expansion. A whole game dedicated to this.....I just don't know anyone who will play this or even bother to buy it.

Si-Fly2357d ago

That's a bit like saying Black Ops should've been an expansion for MW2.

If you and you're friends aren't interested then don't buy it, simple :)

49erguy2357d ago (Edited 2357d ago )

Yeah except it probably doesn't come with a lasting MP, zombies and a new campaign. Dirt fans wanted Codemasters to stop Americanizing it and now we have Dirt: Motorstorm Derby Edition. Seems like a regress in every possible way.

I won't be buying it but I'm still gonna post my opinion on it regardless :)

Si-Fly2357d ago

You've obviously missed the interviews from Codies stating Dirt 4 will be a more focused Rally experience then? As you said, skip Showdown if it's of no interest to you and wait for Dirt 4.

t0mmyb0y2357d ago

Richard Burns where are you?
Also a new Xpand Rally would be welcome.