Dead Space 3: 6 things it needs to keep survival horror alive

With plenty of Dead Space 3 rumours floating around here are the 6 things it has to nail to keep survival horror alive.

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RonaldRaygun2419d ago

Less gore? Blasphemy! I agree with everything else though.

FarCryLover1822419d ago

How about a mission where Issac's suit fails and his flashlight doesn't work. Imagine navigating in the pitch black with necros coming for you. However, if the rumor that it's set on a sunny ice planet is true...we won't need a flashlight.

WeskerChildReborned2419d ago

Lol Ice Planet for some reason make's me think of the "Thing". And also the Necromorphs are just like the "Thing".

THC CELL2419d ago

i think dead space will lose it touch to be honest.. unless they go the thing route where ya have to start trusting people etc (watch the thing 1980s version)

on other hands i think naughty dog are going to blow us away with a survival horror next..

Resident evil well they invented it and lost it.

Play2Win2419d ago

crap! Dead Space 1 and 2 belong to the best games Ive played this generation.

jessupj2419d ago

Absolute love this franchise. Playing with headphones turned right up, late at night with no lights on... I went through a few pairs of pants.

kma2k2419d ago

IMO what made DS 1 so scary other than the setting & story & what not was the fealing of clastrophobia the fealing of not being able to jump away or run away, i just didnt have that sense of panic in DS2 since everything was so open. Not saying i didnt like the game i loved it, but an huge open planet seems less scary to me sense you will be able to see things comming from a mile away. Im sure there will be plenty of tense & scary parts but that sense of panic to me definatly came from being in a close tight small area. Case in point i got all tense in DS2 going back into the isimura that was brilliant, but after i got out of the ship & back onto the sprawl i was tense any more!

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