GameShark - God Of War: Ascension Preview

Justin Amirkhani: "Kratos has been through a lot over the last 3 God of War titles (and subsequent portable spin-offs), but the character has always remained a one-note beast of rage. Little of his motivations have been explained and while we’re all aware just how he became the Ghost of Sparta, none of the games have ever explored his blood oath to Ares in a way that provided any depth to his character.

God of War: Ascension looks to change that with the single-player campaign focussed around the evolution of Kratos before he became a god. Unfortunately, little more has been revealed about the campaign and Sony Santa Monica is keeping tight lipped on exactly how the events of the prequel are going to unfold."

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AusRogo2393d ago

Please no more previews! Im hyped as it is!

sly-Famous2393d ago

"Little of his motivations have been explained" WHAT!!!!! His motives are explained in the first GOW and were explained through uot the series. Did you even play the game?