PS Vita Secret: Download YOUTUBE Videos seamlessly

Watch this Complete Video tutorial which explains exactly how to Download any Youtube video using your Ps Vita(WiFi/3G) on the go.

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geniusgamerdoc2052d ago

It sucks that the 3G can be used to download Videos of <20MB.

50MB should have been the limit. Hope Sony releases an Official YOUTUBE app for the PSVITA.

Until then this method(Javascript) of downloading Youtube vids with my Wifi is doing wonders for me right now.

Hitman07692052d ago

Vita is a beautiful thing, I am accustomed to saving youtube videos on PC already but to be able to do it on such a mobile gaming device is pretty unique I'd say...

SKUD2052d ago

As long as I can watch chatmonchy vids on it then were good to go.

r212052d ago

pretty neat feature but nowhere as good as the actual youtube :C also does anyone find it weird that the ps vita video player doesnt have next and previous video buttons?

chazjamie2052d ago

it does. touch the screen

r212051d ago

no i mean while a video plays, i should be able to watch the next or previous video by pressing a button. those buttons however are not available :L

Ultr2051d ago

you can just flip to the next video :)

r212051d ago

tried doing that, nothing happened and heres where i stop commenting. bubbed out.

chazjamie2052d ago

i wish the browser was as good as the ics browser

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The story is too old to be commented.