Learning From Our Mistakes: Crytek's Rasmus Højengaard Talks Crysis 3 chats to Crysis 3's Creative Director about the "arrogant" level of detail in Crysis 1, how Crysis 2 went too far in the other direction, and what they're doing with the third game to bring it all home.

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decrypt2389d ago

Imo they shouldnt have milked the Crysis IP just because they wanted to go Console.

They should have created a new IP and promoted that. What has happened now, they have lost confidence in the PC community. Hence even if they do make Crysis 3 and they take advantage of PC hardware, many PC gamers will be skeptical and probably wont buy it day one.

They tried to make a COD clone with Crysis 2, it was probably because they were eyeing COD sales. Obviously that didnt work out for them. Anyone who wants to be playing COD will be buying COD.

Frankfurt2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Crysis 1 on consoles is as big as on PC. Stop making up lies to make PC gamers feel better about themselves.

Crysis 2 was garbage but it had nothing to do with consoles. It was about trying to make a "cinematic", hand-holding experience like so many "AAA" games nowadays.

Crsysi 3 still not going fully back to total C1 freedom is lame. Sound like it'll be smaller sandboxes like Halo, with ocasional shitty cinematic trash like COD, BF3, Uncharted.

GamingPerson2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

"Crysis 2 was garbage but it had nothing to do with consoles."

" It was about trying to make a "cinematic", hand-holding experience like so many "AAA" games nowadays."

So it's a typical console game..

"Crytek - Crysis 2 was made with casual gamers in mind"

Do you really think the casual statement is aimed at pc players?.

Do you think they turned the multi-player into cod for the pc sales?

Also crysis 1 on pc sold more than crysis 2 on three platforms & crysis 1 sold less than 1 million on consoles so how is as big on console as pc?

I have never seen a dev company fail so much trying to make a buck.

If crysis 3 is worth it I will pick it up. If not I will be busy playing Metro:Last Light anyway.

Baka-akaB2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Last i checked , right at the top are some pretty strong "casual games" on pc charts like the sims and all its evil spawns , fifa , football manager , wow and cod every frickin' year .

It's obvious Crytek wanted some of the console pie , and failed at it with their mediocre assumptions ... but it's too easy to keep holding the pc to such a pedestal and pretend everything is playing complex obscure titles . Both market are at fault there when it comes to what sells and is popular .

Mrmagnumman3572388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Oh how wrong you are... the console version of Crysis is a joke. They have removed tons of the vegetation, and a whole level. The graphics are much worse from the textures to vegetation. They used a overdone tod to cover up the problems. Watch this video to see how much worse it is

Also, the PS3 version of crysis 2 ran as low as 12 fps during combat

Baka-akaB2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Crysis 2 was insulting for both the pc and consoles market . And them being able to basically release crysis 1 on consoles , as is , so soon behind , proves Crysis 2 had no reason to be that different and inferior to the first game .

The only downgrade should have been console graphics and being limited to 30 fps , all the rest was greed mixed with contempt , misplaced pride and laziness .

This is the kind of case proving how cringeworthy it is to see people blame consoles for downgrade and holding them back .

The consoles did nothing to drag these games down , it's the devs who assume what they can get away with , instead of proposing their best on both platforms . Those games should only look graphically worse most of the time on consoles

ninjahunter2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

._. There wont be exploring because you dont want to alienate casuals... Ouch, that stings crytek. Alienate your fans so that you dont alienate people who arent your fans.

And bring back messing around! That physics sandbox feel
Also you could shoot an alien gun in crysis 1, so dont know what that guy was smoking.

sriki0072389d ago

i will give crysis 3 a shot... And i dont see any shooters coming next year. Except the obvious call of duty.

jetlian2389d ago

looking great so far keep it up crytek

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