Tumor Raider: PS3 Chip Takes on Cancerous Growths

Popular mechanics highlights important cancer research applications for the excellent PS cell chip:

The Xbox 360 may have Halo 3, but good luck if you ever get a tumor. Sony's PlayStation 3, on the other hand, may now offer another helping hand to the medical world, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

A chip originally created for the PS3 may be the key to greatly improving the way doctors monitor a tumor's growth via computed tomography (CT) scans.

The number of images produced from just a single CT scan can overwhelm current computers. But, as anyone who's played MotorStorm knows, the PS3's Cell Broadband Engine processes data like a Hummer guzzles gas. Researchers announced on Monday that the Cell chip might speed up CT scan results tenfold, providing earlier opportunities for diagnosis, treatment and preventative measures.

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TANOD3964d ago

we are contributing to the CANCER institute


WE are SONY gamers and we love OUR PEOPLE and OUR ENVIRONMENT

MailMan3964d ago

Whilst the Xbox 3FIXME is ENDANGERING and WASTING lives

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

mikeslemonade3963d ago

Yep, while the 360 does useless stuff by playing games and red ringing, the PS3 actually saves lives.

MailMan3964d ago

INFESTED with Xbots that need to be TREATED.

What is the treatment for an Xbot ADDICTED to a BELOW AVERAGE Shooter?It starts with a P and rhymes with Vacation,i'll give the Xbots a good two HOURS to figure this out.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

TheHater3964d ago

Not only does it plays games, movies, music, photos, PORN, it is helping to find a cure for cancer. and now, it helping to cure a tumor. When can I start to "Fold for Tumor"

eagle213964d ago

And proud to help. FOLD ON!

karlostomy3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

Is that [email protected], cancer research and Clustered computing can be accomplished on any bogstandard computer with the correct software and connections.

Still, nice to see the Cell processor being used in this way.


@mighty d
that is true

mighty_douche3964d ago (Edited 3964d ago )

While thats kind of true, the PS3 is the first CONSOLE to adopt this.

Bathyj3964d ago

Bogstandard? Hardly.

PS3 does this better than powerful PC's and thats a known fact. Why try to bring something negative to this?

xg-ei8ht3964d ago

Your quite correct, folding can be done on any pc, but most of the time, slowly.

The ps3 does this much much faster, you only have to look at the results since ps3 usage. Its Blown folding wide open and more importantly, into the mainstream.

Rock on PS3- or i could say, rock on cell.

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The story is too old to be commented.