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Submitted by Jourdy288 1379d ago | article

7 Upcoming Indie Games That Deserve Your Attention

BNR: It seems that we've hit upon a bumper crop of awesome indie games- here are seven that deserve your attention (and dollars). (But to Paint a Universe, iPad, iPhone, Kitaru, PC, PS Vita, PS3, République, Spate, Starlight Inception, Unemployment Quest, Xbox 360)

mr_badhand  +   1379d ago
People don't care about indie games on n4g.

Unless of course it involves not being able to find the Indie channel on 360 essay back when the new dash was introduced or some indie game on ps3.

Then everyone is concerned.
Jourdy288  +   1379d ago
I really wish that they did... These games are all AWESOME.

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