PS Uni: Dragon's Dogma Demo Impressions

PlayStation University's Tyler Lee gives his thoughts on the recently released demo for Dragon's Dogma.

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MysticStrummer2419d ago (Edited 2419d ago )

This game is my new obsession. I can't wait. I think my character will start as a Strider and my main pawn will start as a Fighter, but I could change my mind.

Edit - The writer is wrong about your created character not being usable. Your character and pawn show up in the Griffon battle as a Strider and Warrior. The point about the pawns being too talkative was valid, but in the final game there will be an option to tone down the frequency of their vocalizations. Also in the options, you can remove some of the screen clutter if you so desire, by turning off Pawn Subtitles and the control display in the lower right corner. You can also turn off the lifebars of the pawns and enemies, but I don't recommend it.

MysticStrummer2419d ago

You can also turn off the cinematic camera if you like, so the camera doesn't go into slow motion and focus on pawns when they do their various moves. I thought it was cool at first but I preferred it turned off.

alessandro102419d ago

this game will be awezome, so much fun with a 10 minutes demo imagine how it ill me the full game....

SaiyanFury2419d ago

I'll be honest, there has yet to be a single Capcom game I've looked forward too this generation. Save for Street Fighter III Online, I haven't given Capcom a dime, save for a few Ibuki avatars. This game has finally given me something to look forward to from them. I loved the brilliant character editing options, and I can't wait to use my characters in the main game when I get it. :)