Impending Valve Announcement?

"It’s usually against our policy to report on wild rumors and other Internet shenanigans, but this could be pretty big. Valve might be on the verge of revealing something. Something big." -Save and Quit

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user54670072421d ago

The thing about the speculation that IGN is "playing us"....are they that stupid they would troll with the HL audience.

Valve gets away with it because they are making the game, IGN are basicaly making them selfs an open target for a ton of hate if they are trolling us.

If it does turn out to be "Meet the Pyro" then was this all neccesary for a short TF2 clip.

-MD-2421d ago

Have you seen those "short TF2 clips"? They're better than some full length movies.

NastyLeftHook02420d ago

come on valve, announce half life 3.

jakethesnake2420d ago

Like I always say - I won't get excited for HL3 until it is actually announced. Announcements of announcements get me excited for some things, but never HL3 because I just won't believe it until it is real.