Is Black Ops II Turning to Future Warfare?

As players probably know by now the rumor of Activision releasing yet another Call of Duty title this November is pretty much set in stone. With the rumor of Black Ops 2 said to be announced during an NBA playoff game on Tuesday May 1st speculation on what the game will actually focus on has arose. There has been a large rumor that the next installment to the Call of Duty franchise will take place in the future rather than the Cold War era. As military first-person shooters are getting a bit dry and overdone maybe Activision is following in the lines of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and taking the success of Black Ops to a more futuristic setting...

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TheSuperior 2418d ago

I sure hope it doesnt. Ive heard a lot about this rumor and I just loved the first black ops so i hope hope hope it takes place directly after. If they replace modern warfare with a new COD future warfare that may just spice up the series instead of letting the whole franchise die tho.

ATi_Elite2418d ago

"Is Black Ops II Turning to Future Warfare?"

Who cares? It will still sell 20+ million copies!

I surely don't expect to play Call of Duty: Caveman Combat!

GirlsGeneration2418d ago

That's the only thing that would interest me in the new Cod Bo if it was set in the future i sure hope it is. I know it's not gonna have lasers but still if it did i would buy it day 1! lol

Rampaged Death2418d ago

I hope so. It would be interesting.

XboxInnovation2418d ago

No way. Activision isn't stupid. Treyarch are not good enough developers for Activision to risk using Treyarch on a futuristic setting. Remember how sloppy Black ops was?

Activision will probably use Sledgehammer studios for the future setting because they have developers with more skill, experience and that worked on futuristic games.

Eiffel2418d ago

Probably the stupidest thing I've read in the past...hour. Wow, that's gotta be a personal best for me.

trenso12418d ago

i feel like i lost some brain cells reading that comment.

BigDog552418d ago

Wasn't that part of the deal when IW split??

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