Protect Your Xbox 360 Against the RRoD with Whisper Max

Video game generation reports on a new aftermarket product to keep the xbox360 cool(er) with better results than the competition:

Talismoon announced today that it is now shipping Whisper Max, a deluxe version of its original Whisper fan for the Xbox 360 that provides the system with RRoD-fighting cooling to go along with noise reduction. The Max also adds a Nitro mode, which runs with up to 240% more power than the original.

You'll find more on the Whisper Max in the press release below.

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HarryEtTubMan3988d ago

You might want to try whisper max. Maybe it will quiet the fan too. Or some wet towels might work.

MailMan3988d ago

Every Xbot NEEDS to have one next to their 3FIXME,though i'm SURE they wouldn't KNOW how to USE one once their 3FIXME explodes,it's always encouraging to know that the Xbots are taking SOME precautionary measures against the INEVITABLE Red Ring Of Floppage.

I have YET to see a FIRE EXTINGUISHER next to a Playstation 3 home entertainment console,NEVER seen Wet Towels placed around the SUPER Computer,NEVER heard of a House burning down due to the Playstation 3,in short,i've NEVER heard of a Playstation 3 home entertainment console ENDANGERING a gamers LIFE.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

CrashSharc3988d ago

just asking from a consumer point of view,

but does anyone else see anything wrong with having to buy 3rd party fans in order to keep your preliminary purchase from breaking down? Seriously. Is it just me? Why should someone pay so many hundreds of dollars for a "nex-gen" piece of tech when this keeps happening. I'll never understand the stupidity of the mainstream consumer. Thankfully I have a brain which affords me independent thought.

karlostomy3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

You have a good point my friend.
Why buy a third party fan ideed... The 360 SHOULD work on its own.

I guess, the answer is that the manufacturers of whisper max fans are taking advantage of the fear and paranoia that exists in the marketplace as a result of the RROD fiasco.

I personally believe it is unncessary to install extra fans, unless you have an early 360 model which has run out of warranty. (this won't be the case for at least another year. ie: after three years total). In newer consoles MS has fixed the issue itself by improving their hardware, which has been well documented on the internet, most especially on n4g...

clevernickname3988d ago

I completely agree, CrashSharc. Can you imagine if you had to go through the same amount of effort to maintain a working VCR, DVD player or television? "I just bought the UltraMax2000 Fan for my Panasonic DVD player and it works awesome! My DVD player no longer overheats and I can now watch an entire movie!"

I love my 360 and have yet to experience a problem, but I am not about to run out and buy this worthless fan when Microsoft has extended the warranty and re-engineered the motherboard to eliminate the problem.

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Bill Gates3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )


Oh man, I've hear them all now....."Whisper Maxi-pad"......AAAHAHHHHH HAHA

I'm starting to actually feel sorry for you BABOONS...AAHHAHAh, You've all been put through so much trouble, and humiliation with the 3FixMe......AAHAHAHAHAHAHHA


One figures that between getting....

HD-DVD add-on
Wi-Fi card
continuous batteries for controllers
Face plates...AhAHHAHA
and now "Whisper Max",...I'm sure all that right there should run you about $400 buck, and that doesn't even include the console that will no doubt crap out on you AT LEAST 3 times......AAHHAAHHAHAHAHA

I think Master Chief should buy the green "Whisper Max" and use it in his pants so that when MGS4 drops he won't make such a mess in his pants.....AAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH A

LinuxGuru3988d ago

hahahahahaahhahahhahahahahahah hahahahaaha

ok Gates that actually made me LOL

a bit harsh....but funny nonetheless.

nix3988d ago

LOL.. i agree.. that was funny! q:

Charlie26883988d ago

If this are the ones the forums are talking about...its suppose to be heavens sent O.O!

Ill be sure to get one...for a friend of course >.> ... <.<

Maddens Raiders3988d ago (Edited 3988d ago )

jokes abound. 8D Whisper Max???? WOW (busting a kidney) >_<

edit:/ ok sorry, this isn't funny.

TheHater3988d ago

I need this. My xbox360 got the RROD in less than two hours. My new 360 will be coming on the 15 of this month. but where they hell can I but it.

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