PS3 To Offer More Than Just Achievements?

PSN boss Eric Lempel:

I know that an achievement system is very important to our consumers. With Home, and in addition to Home, we have some very exciting programs planned to recognize our consumers gaming skills and loyalty in new ways that go well beyond a single score.

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Prismo_Fillusion3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

It would be really cool if Sony made a bunch of mini-games and arcade-type games that could be bought with the equivalent of achievement points.

Edit: As people below me have thought up, new costumes for Home (and maybe even furnature) would be cool too. Honestly, Sony should get that stuff and simple games and really let the gamer have a decent selection of what he/she wants to spend their achievement points on. I guarantee that with that system there would be tons of people who wouldn't put their PS3 controller down.

ruibing3934d ago

I was thinking of the same thing. There should be more reasons to get achievement points than just getting them.

drewdrakes3934d ago

Definitely agree. Or your achievements count towards buying anything you want.

mikeslemonade3934d ago

I'm thinking that you can probably win costumes from a game and then wear the costume around in home. Kinda like how Phil Harrison put Ratchet ears in his character.

sonarus3934d ago

home will definetly be huge for the ps3. rolling with the recent momentum sony NEEDS to release home. enough with the delays its uncool. Home has the potential to really increase ps3 appeal if its succesful and i am sure that is why they are taking their time perfecting it and all but at this stage what is left it should at least be ready for beta test. Huge games like mgs4 little big planet killzone 2 would be a shame if those games launced without home implementation. i remember lair was supposed to launch with home implementation... look at where we are at now. Sony needs to just give us this beta so even if its buggy and crappy and all that it at least gives devs heads up so they can implement it in major releases. As of now i doubt mgs4 will have home support and that pretty much breaks my heart. mgs4 would have been the ultimate game for achievements getting points for taking the stealthy approach or the guns blazing approach and considering the game is fairly open. mgs4 my most anticipated game with no home support is jst annoying

Partisan3934d ago

Not a bad idea

you deserve a bubble

n_n3934d ago

awesome idea, get special costumes and gear for trade for achievement points... that would rock

jiggyjay3934d ago

Over promising and underdelivering! you know it will happen! it happeened with the PS2, happened the PS3, its going to happen to KZ2!!

masterg3934d ago


Sony has done nothing but deliver.
Right now the console is about twice as good as it was at release.

Lcarrero53934d ago

"it happeened with the PS2" I don't know in what reality you live in but in mine ps2 performed up to standards an above. Your a fool if you really believe that one(or maybe a fanboy). BTW in some weeks the ps2 still sells more than the xbox or the ps3. get your facts straight.

TruthBTold3934d ago

It would be like a Chuckee(however its spelled) Cheese with all your tickets then you go and change them for a nice game or some sort of add ons for HOME.

lawman11083933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

Somebody call the cops, Sony just stole some $hit

lawman11083933d ago (Edited 3933d ago )

All I can say is...........(other then the fact Home wont see the light of day until 2009 or 2010) is...........

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toughNAME3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

PS3 owners - a games longevity can be easily doubled if the game has a good set of achievements

Rumble, achievements...It took a while but Sony finally entered the Next Gen

lol not even close Meus
I'm just trying to say - without being a fanboy - that PS3 games will get better with an achievement system in place.

Meus Renaissance3934d ago

Sounds like you're becoming a PS3 fan

Expy3934d ago

Well, they didn't exclude rumble for the sake of excluding it, they were stuck in a court battle with immersion on the technology use.

HarryEtTubMan3934d ago

I have both systems and a Gamerscore of over 7000 on my 360 and NO... GAMERSCORES AND ACHIEVEMENTS ARE GIMMICKS... in reality NO ONE EVEN CARES. My friends don't... your average person on Live doesnt... maybe mostly younger kid or just dorks with absolutly no life. ITS A FREAKING NUMBER. It does nothing for the game... it just tricks(dumb people) into thinking its wirth finding or doing something they normally wouldnt care about. Seriosuly me and my friends make un of Gamerscores because its nerdy and impracticle unless u actually take a fake point system that get u NOTHING but.... hey my gamerscore is bigger than yours!!! How old are you? 15 maybe? Gamerscore is a GIMMICK for younger kids(under about 17 or 16), Kids they dont go to school or have a life(sit around achieving a Imaginary score that does nothing) or for you... the most HARDCORE Xbots. Coming from a 360 and Playstatoin 3 owners. Gamerscores are LAME. And most people don't care about them. I mean 95% of the people on my buddylist have very close to the same gamerscore they did a year ago. You tried to make the point that achivements increase "game longevity" and its really not very true. Maybe for the most hardcore Xbots that feel like they are getting something(they aren't)

poos33934d ago

i love the pic microsfot leads son follows aka copys idea from microsoft

The_Engineer3934d ago

you THINK you know what an achievement system is because of the 2D crap MS gave you. Sit back watch what Sony comes out with and LEARN.

TruthBTold3934d ago

Absolutely right. I think anything such as achievements can add more value to a game and therefor extend its lifespan. I don't see any fanboyism in what you say. Honest and very true. Rumble and achievements will definitely make me want to play all those single player games and make the online multiplayer games even better.

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name3934d ago

Copy the leader? -_-

joemomma3934d ago

360 didnt invent that feature, pc games did.

Expy3934d ago

Achievements existed long before Microsoft entered the gaming console industry.

Adamalicious3934d ago

Word. And even if they did "copy" who cares? Shouldn't they give gamers what they want? Of course! Should consoles only do things that no one else has done? Of course not!

The_Engineer3934d ago

"my personal touch"

you're a fawken tool

let's see who has REALLY copied who....



Theme support = PS3

RGB full = PS3

animated dashboard(xmb) = PS3

and that's just off the top of my head, god knows what else MS has ripped off the PS3.

toughNAME3934d ago

well you don't have achievments...but judging from your post you still have your dignity...riiight?

calling out a 12 hour old comment..seriously...

btw my story just reached 1000 degrees:D:D

08_CiViC_Si3934d ago

nice job perpetuating the fanboyism.

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Ri0tSquad3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Devs are offering us what should be expected; Accomplishments & in-game messaging.

I believe Sony will do both of these and it will cost the developers nothing memory (ram) wise.

The way the trophy room is looking it seems more then just achievements already but it'll be interesting to see what Sony does.


Good point. Xbox live is much easier looking for an achievement.
Maybe there will be a 2d layout of the trophies. You never know what there going to do. Sony has another head start on what people are expecting so I'm hoping they have it all figured out.

Bladestar3934d ago

I find the whole "trophy room" thing funny.... I probably have like 500-600 achivements... some people have a lot more... I would like to see the mess of a "trophy room" with so many trophies... and even funny... the people that will stop and observe each one of them lol... I understand 1 trophy per game... but the achivement system on xbox live it's a lot easy to browse and tell what you looking to see... I imagine how long it would take someone to visually look for my 432 throphy to see if have 100 head shot on x game...

WAR_MACHINE773934d ago

I would be willing to bet you will only get on trophy per game and you get a list when you select it.

HarryEtTubMan3934d ago

Bladestar Sony has said u can check ur trophys from the XMB iN GAME bar. Sony konws what they're doing. Acheivements are gimmicks anyways. io used to do it until I realized its for Homos that dont ahve a life. Try to garner 2D text "Acheivements" that Acheive you NOTHING. But ralizing how bad u need a real life. Sony will do it right. You will have many differnet ways to do everything.

mattkelly19913934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Has no one actually watched the home videos. You get some places you can put them up(the coolest ones), and others go into the storage thing. Its is little containers labled by game, and each game has like x number. Ill go see if I can get a picture for you guys.

The_Engineer3934d ago

I have a little GEM of a suggestion I will drop into Sony's mailbox that will kick the crap out of the 360's achievement system.

socsca3934d ago

And obviously the Sony people are going to implement it straight away!!! Duhhh

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ScottEFresh3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Rumble and achievements...the two most overrated things involved in gaming today. Getting achievements is like chasing a $100 tied to a string that you'll never get.