Why There Are No Bosses At Valve?

Bloomberg: Earlier this week, Valve Software—the company behind the Half-Life, Counter-Strike and Portal video game series—released its employee handbook to the public because, according to Valve co-founder Gabe Newell, somebody asked. “I’d mentioned the handbook on a podcast and one of the listeners contacted us and said ‘Hey, can I get a copy?’ So [designer] Greg Coomer sent him a copy and all of a sudden it got posted online,” he said. The handbook attracted a lot of attention because, in addition to offering company massage rooms and free food, Valve has a unique corporate structure rarely seen at such a large company. Valve has 300 employees but no managers or bosses at all. Newell talked to Bloomberg Businessweek about his company’s environment and how it works.

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NYC_Gamer2391d ago

Valve is one of the few companies not built around greed

Titanz2391d ago

They're right at the top of my list of, "great developers", alongside; Rockstar, and Nintendo.

kevnb2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

rockstar comes out with good games, but they are still on my shit list. Maybe its because im a pc gamer. I think nintendo, blizzard and valve are the best. Rockstar is pretty sloppy at times, even on console.

SageHonor2390d ago

This is helpful considering I hope to have my own company/studio etc

Laxman2390d ago

Do you actually make, or study games design? Or are you just another kid who thinks he's qualified because he likes to play games?

If the former, good luck man!

SageHonor2390d ago

I actually study animation, modeling and all that good stuff.

Summons752390d ago

Bossless job? sounds like Communism...

MAJ0R2390d ago

Having no boss is different because it's private and not government.

Summons752390d ago

still people telling you what you can/can not do...FTR never said it was a bad thing. I work with out a boss and whenever I's pretty awesome.

dcbronco2390d ago

Since when does Communism mean having no boss. People call way too much Communism. Plus I'm surer some are making a lot more money than others.

kevnb2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

communism has bosses. and the idea of communism isnt even that bad, it just ends up being a corrupt dictatorship most times.