More of Eye of Judgment Coming to Japan

The Japanese PLAYSTATION Store (their caps, not ours) is making a THE JUDGMENT BIOLITH ~ The Machine God's Mutiny (ditto) available for download starting March 27. That's a change from the original February release date. This is the second entry in THE EYE OF JUDGMENT series. A third expansion pack in the series will be available this summer.

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Phantom_Lee3666d ago

a new metal gear game...Zone of Metal Gear~~ j/k

I wonder who will be the main character for the next metal gear

TrevorPhillips3666d ago

hey ive changed the story sorry =]

Phantom_Lee3666d ago

now.....u made me look silly.....really silly.......give me a cookie and I will call it a even...

TrevorPhillips3666d ago

heheheh yea i will =] nar really sorry about that =]

Appo3666d ago

Haha, I posted duplicate story. Made me look funny linking to the MGS page.

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